Cooking around the pool

In Geneva, an outdoor kitchen from the Abimis Atelier range

One of the most popular trends over the last year has been outdoor kitchens. We’re not talking about rustic fireplaces or masonry structures (these have always been around…); today, the trend is to have a fully equipped, real kitchen in your garden, perhaps positioned underneath a portico or on a terrace – comparable to a traditional kitchen in each and every way.


City: Ginevra
Location: Private house
Kitchen line: Atelier

A young Swiss entrepreneur and CEO of a large food company has also become a ‘victim’ of this trend. As soon as he completed his new villa just outside Geneva, he immediately wanted a second kitchen made from stainless steel for the area next to his swimming pool.

“Thanks to my job, I’ve had the chance to meet Europe’s best chefs”, commented the entrepreneur. “When I was a boy, I used to visit Switzerland’s most famous restaurants with my father, who founded the company that I now run. While he would talk about business, I would stay in the kitchen, enthralled as I admired the hectic work of the chefs”.
“It was back then that I first developed my passion for great food and my fascination with professional kitchens”, the homeowner continued. “A child’s eyes watching delicious dishes being endlessly churned out from those strange, steaming machines”.

Since then, this young businessman from Geneva has only ever wanted professional kitchens in his home. These are industrial kitchens that offer the same performance as those found in big restaurants, but that are specifically designed for domestic or outdoor use.
This is why, when it came to choosing a second kitchen to install in the garden of his villa, he opted for a stainless-steel solution from the Abimis Atelier range.
This is a professional kitchen made entirely from stainless steel; this material is perfect for outdoor use as it is resistant to knocks and bumps and weather conditions, as well as being resistant to water, heat and freezing temperatures. “A kitchen that can withstand Swiss winters” underlined the homeowner, a kitchen that can be left outside all year long.

This kitchen stands out for its simple design, which is perfect for surroundings with a contemporary style. The owner designed this kitchen himself, with the support of the Abimis technical department, and he wanted to install it underneath the portico next to his swimming pool.
The chosen solution is compact but well-equipped. It is made up of four units: there are two container units, a small fridge underneath the top and even a dishwasher. On the worktop, the cooking area features a barbecue and sink that can also be transformed into a work area, thanks to dedicated covers.

This kitchen is used whenever the weather allows. That’s when this homeowner steps out of his role as manager and becomes an “amateur chef”, as he likes to call himself.
“My job means that I am often away from home”, he concluded. “When I come back, I enjoy relaxing by cooking for my family and friends. However, I want to be able to do that without having to spend any time away from them!”.


Le linee di cucine in acciaio Inox Abimis Ego e Atelier esprimono perfettamente il concept per il quale sono state disegnate: cucine sartoriali professionali pensate per gli spazi domestici, funzionali e di design.

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