Abimis monitors customers every step of the way.

Every single Abimis kitchen is produced using the most sophisticated industrial technologies and then hand finished with craftsmanship skill. This tailored approach allows the company to design kitchens that are “tailor-made” to the needs of every single customer.

Abimis also accompanies customers, whether the architect, the interior designer or the end user, throughout every step of the process. From the initial design concept to the production phase, transportation and installation.


Abimis kitchens can be completely customised in terms of dimensions, elements and finishes.

The size of the blocks varies from one project to the next. The doors can be bevelled or squared. The hinges invisible or exposed. The surface finish of the stainless steel is available in several variants. The stainless steel can be painted in all RAL colours or combined with several materials, to adapt to any style and setting.

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Abimis uses stainless steel to produce all its professionally-derived kitchens.

This is a material the company has more than 30 years of experience processing with the utmost skill and expertise. Once it has been produced, every Abimis kitchen is assembled in-house to test its operation. If it is very large, it is made in separate modules, prepared for shipping and assembled on site.


Even shipping is monitored directly by Abimis, in any home and anywhere in the world…

An Abimis kitchen in a loft? We’ll use a crane to lift it. How about in a mountain chalet? We’ll use snow cats to transport it. In a house in the woods? We’ll air-lift it by helicopter. Abimis kitchens will reach their destination, every time, without restrictions.


Abimis kitchens are installed only once they have been pre-assembled and tested in-house.

Abimis specialist staff follows every step of the installation process, to ensure the kitchen fits its intended surroundings like a glove. The kitchen is then tested, to make sure it guarantees 100% performance from the word go.

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