Cooking: this is the moment ideas take shape.

The time when pots and pans speak an ancient language, made up of simmering and sizzling, enveloping aromas, which bring to mind floods of memories.
To guarantee maximum performance during cooking, Abimis has come up with several solutions.

The cooking elements can be professionally-derived, upon request. The heated drawers, beneath the workspace, keep dishes warm until it’s time to dish them up.

Every kitchen is designed to house ovens, blast chillers and any appliance the customer desires.

The advantages of Abimis kitchens

Dedicated thermarium: warming drawers for dishes, for an ideal temperature service.

The integrated hob can be placed on the worktop, according to the size of the crockery and to the customer’s requirements.

Professional-grade cooking elements, such as the stainless steel hotplate with grease channel.

Discover all the 5 steps of cooking

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