Abimis bespoke stainless steel kitchens began life in Prisma’s workshops, where the experience of skilled craftsmen was combined with stainless steel, a material par excellence which has contributed to the success of this Italian company. The right blend of tradition and innovation created a completely new kitchen concept, with a sophisticated design and suitable for any type of home or use.

Abimis only makes bespoke, AISI 304 and 316 stainless steel kitchens, with the extraordinary characteristics of this material guaranteeing high levels of performance, practicality and sophisticated elegance.

bespoke stainless steel kitchens

One of the things that make Abimis bespoke kitchens so incredibly unique is their great installation versatility, in terms of both the interior space available in the home and the geographical position of the building. To illustrate this, we’ll be describing the various types of bespoke kitchens that Abimis has installed in completely different locations, such as a villa on the Tyrrhenian Sea, a house in the centre of Bruneck, a traditional mountain lodge in the Alps, an apartment in Turin and one in the heart of Rome.

The second distinguishing feature of the Abimis brand is linked to the well-studied material that is used for every single kitchen: stainless steel. For years, the company has been represented by this practical material, which is impact-resistant, easy to clean and has a modern appearance.

Last but not least, Abimis bespoke stainless steel kitchens stand out for the endless customization possibilities that the customer can choose from. Every Abimis product is unique and varies from other projects in terms of both the layout of the elements and the different materials used in combination with classic stainless steel, as well as the different technical and technological features of the sections that can be chosen and installed in the kitchen.

Abimis bespoke kitchens
are suitable for any location

bespoke stainless steel kitchens

Cooking on the shores of the Tyrrhenian Sea

Overlooking the sea, on Tuscany’s steep terrain, this Abimis bespoke stainless steel kitchen was able to adapt to all the architectural requirements of a villa that needed renovating. The house is dominated by an elegant Abimis bespoke kitchen made from stainless steel, creating an atmosphere that offers unrivalled conviviality.

Abimis creations are designed down to the last centimetre and are made by hand in order to adapt to each individual creative project: the depth and width of the units depend on the requirements of each room and take their inspiration from professional catering facilities. This Abimis stainless steel kitchen blends in perfectly with its surroundings, with its regular and simple design mixing together with the enchanting Tuscan countryside.

bespoke stainless steel kitchens

A bespoke, stainless steel kitchen amid the peaks of South Tyrol

An Abimis kitchen made entirely from stainless steel, surrounded by warm wooden and metal walls, fits in perfectly even in a traditional Alpine home. The great versatility of Abimis kitchens allowed for a smooth installation even in South Tyrol, in Bruneck to be precise, where this Abimis creation immediately took centre stage in the home.

In this particular case, Abimis designed the kitchen by focusing on how to optimise the movements of the person cooking, making and positioning three large blocks of stainless steel that would be dedicated to preparing and washing, cooking and storing food, respectively.

Abimis handles all phases of the process, from transport to production right through to the assembly of its stainless steel kitchens. What’s more, each and every Abimis kitchen is designed and made by focusing on the personal tastes, style and ergonomic characteristics of those who’ll be using it, organising the space in a creative yet practical and functional way.

bespoke stainless steel kitchens

A small stainless steel kitchen at high altitude

A home in the mountains must always respect a series of characteristics that emphasise its alpine identity at the same time as creating a warm atmosphere. In the midst of this high-altitude landscape, there’s a small corner kitchen made from stainless steel which combines the typical feel of mountain tradition with a modern and contemporary touch. The room where the kitchen is installed has kept its original warmth, with strong references to the local area and that familiar alpine style.

Every single element of this kitchen is customized, designed to interact with the inside windowsills of the mountain lodge, transforming them into handy spaces to display or store things. This project is undoubtedly made so unique by the combination of the various materials used: in fact, bespoke stainless steel kitchens can be customized with tops made from Carrara white marble and columns covered in wood to give the kitchen a warm feel. And that’s not all: the Abimis service is also unique, from the support provided during the design phase right through to assembly, all aspects are tailored to meet the needs of the client in order to be as complete and efficient as possible.

This is yet another example of how Abimis can transform the kitchen from a practical space into a sophisticated interior design feature, creating a combined area with the living room from which it takes its colours and style.

bespoke stainless steel kitchens

A stainless steel kitchen with island to conquer Turin

Abimis kitchens are designed to adapt to their surroundings in an original way as part of new and creative projects. People who choose Abimis creations love to cook and want to have the top-quality performance of a professional kitchen in their very own home.

This can be seen in the modern kitchen with central island that was installed in a home in Turin. This model was made unique by its elegant and brand-new sage colour. Thanks to its central position, the island is particularly well-appreciated as it allows for cooking in complete freedom, making the space more open and liveable: whoever is preparing a meal can happily see and chat with their guests at the same time.

Abimis kitchens always put the art and pleasure of cooking at the heart of each project: movements become fluid, simple and consequential to really bring out the true essence of the kitchen. Introducing a central island into a kitchen is an excellent way of creating modern continuity between the cooking area and the living area.

bespoke stainless steel kitchens

A bespoke Abimis kitchen in the heart of Italy’s capital

Abimis has enriched an apartment set amid some of Rome’s most famous monuments and churches with a kitchen equipped with an incredibly convenient central island. The heart of this Roman home is undoubtedly the large space comprising the living, dining and kitchen areas which are only distinguished by a difference in flooring, making them seamlessly flow into one another.

Made to measure by Abimis, this kitchen is an island fitted with the hob set underneath a minimalist cooker hood, in line with the design of the kitchen itself. The two metallic sections are enriched by curved contours that make the kitchen seem almost sculpted, which is typical of the processes used to make the Ego line, put together with extreme care by skilled craftsmen.

Just as this apartment in Rome puts the kitchen with its central island at the heart of the space, this area in turn creates an environment that is centred around the movements of the chef, with the person cooking taking on the starring role in the room.

Stainless steel, the perfect
material for bespoke kitchens

When designing the interiors of a home, there are many technical-design aspects to be taken into consideration, such as what materials to use, lighting, acoustics and the floor space available.

One of the first problems faced by architects or interior designers when designing a kitchen is undoubtedly the choice of materials, as they must be suitable for the range of tasks carried out in the kitchen. There is no question that a resistant material is required for all phases of the cooking process, as they are carried out on a daily basis. What material could be more resistant than stainless steel?

The properties of stainless steel not only make this material practical in the kitchen, but also make it very attractive in terms of aesthetics, especially in domestic spaces: that’s why, today, stainless steel kitchens have become a real must-have.

bespoke stainless steel kitchens
bespoke stainless steel kitchens

Stainless steel: why choose it for your kitchen?

Stainless steel boasts excellent technical and aesthetic qualities, with the most important being resistance. This material also contains large quantities of chrome which prevents rust and corrosion should it be continually exposed to water and air.

A material like stainless steel can be used throughout the home, but is particularly well-suited for surfaces, pieces of furniture and functional objects that are subject to heavy use or often come into contact with water. As well as being weather-resistant, this material also has other technical characteristics that are very significant, making it particularly well-suited for use in professional kitchens. In fact, it is long-lasting, organically pure, 100% recyclable, easy to clean and can be used outdoors. Overall: an everlasting, attractive and practical material that slowly ages without losing any of its characteristics.

The aesthetic characteristics of stainless steel

Stainless steel’s technical characteristics are of fundamental importance for anyone who wants a kitchen that has excellent resistance and is easy to clean. However, over the years, interior design trends and new fashions have given greater value to stainless steel, to the point that this material has now become a design feature for private homes.

The visual effect created by stainless steel is truly unique: although it may appear a sterile and cold material at first glance, a closer look reveals how stainless steel can be inserted perfectly into domestic spaces with both a modern and classic style.

The aesthetic qualities of stainless steel, such as its gleam and brightness, make it perfect for designer kitchens. Stainless steel also goes perfectly with other materials such as wood, stone, resins, ceramic and even glass.

bespoke stainless steel kitchens

Stainless steel is also perfect for the outdoors

Stainless steel is also the perfect material for outdoor furnishings. Abimis luxury kitchens create a unique and exclusive atmosphere, even outdoors. AISI 316 stainless steel is used to guarantee durability, even outside, if the kitchen is installed near to the sea or a swimming pool (chlorine). Stainless steel offers top performance for kitchens installed in gardens or on terraces.

Abimis bespoke stainless steel kitchens: industrial chic

Industrial style takes its inspiration from factories in large cities: widely-used materials such as steel and wood, which were once used to build huge structures such as large warehouses and old depots, have been given a modern makeover and are now also being used to decorate homes. As part of interior design projects, these materials are able to create prestigious and elegant furnishing accessories characterised by enchanting and unmistakeable simplicity.

An open space within a large floor area is a key feature of industrial style as it gives the room brightness, in stark contrast with the darker shades of the furnishings which recall the atmosphere of a garage. “Industrial chic” is also how one could describe Abimis bespoke stainless steel kitchens, which is particularly sought after by anyone who considers cooking to be a real art form.

The kitchen is no longer only the room where food is prepared, but it becomes a place to share with others, where aesthetics and practicality come together amid genuine traditions, like the passion for cooking and innovative tools that improve the well-being of the people who live there.

Until recently, the materials used to make kitchen worktops were limited to granite or marble because they simply had to be functional. Today, on the other hand, people’s requirements have evolved. Stainless steel worktops are an excellent aesthetic, functional, practical and robust solution, able to meet the style needs of luxury, modern kitchens.

Stainless steel in the kitchen: aesthetics and functionality

Finding the right combination of materials is an extremely delicate phase in the creation of truly “industrial chic” kitchens. Aesthetics are just as important as practicality: assessing and subsequently choosing materials always depends on their quality and how suitable they are for the tasks to be carried out in the kitchen.
Currently, the Abimis stainless steel kitchen design is really fashionable, and why? A material like stainless steel covers both bases: functionality and aesthetics, being resistant, long-lasting, hygienic and shiny.

Customization of Abimis
stainless steel kitchens

Abimis bespoke stainless steel kitchens can be customized using any material requested by the customer, always keeping steel at the heart of each project.

Each Abimis luxury stainless steel kitchen is different: no kitchen is the same because the Abimis philosophy does not allow for mass production. The design and production of Abimis luxury kitchens are at the heart of unique and extreme attention to detail, always guaranteeing the best performance in terms of use and durability over time.

bespoke stainless steel kitchens

Why choose an Abimis
stainless steel designer kitchen?

Abimis is a brand belonging to Prisma, the leading manufacturer of professional stainless steel kitchens. Over the years, Abimis has enlisted the experience of skilled stainless steel craftsmen in order to offer professional-style kitchens with a personalised touch, suitable for any home. That’s how the two product lines were created, both characterised by purity of design and maximum flexibility in terms of customization: Eco, the company’s iconic line, and Atelier, the custom-made kitchen.

La linea Ego di Abimis

The Abimis EGO line

The Ego designer kitchen is Abimis’s iconic product. With Ego, Abimis has defined a new designer kitchen concept, redesigning the spaces required for cooking at the same time as welcoming contemporary style. The Abimis Ego kitchen represents purity of design: its curved yet simple lines give the surroundings a unique and elegant look.

Ego kitchens can have a number of different finishes, including: hand-polished, mirror-polished or painted in any shade, with endless colour possibilities. Abimis puts movement first: all tasks must be carried out in a fluid, simple and consequential way. Everything is in its place: each component is perfectly positioned and designed to be immediately usable and accessible, without wasting time, because time should only be used for cooking.

La linea Atelier di Abimis

The Abimis ATELIER line

Atelier is the designer kitchen that’s custom-made down to the last detail. The Atelier designer kitchen can only be made according to a specific design in order to fully satisfy the desires, requirements and tastes of the “chef” or of the designer with regard to materials and shape. Stainless steel remains the heart and soul of this kitchen.

Atelier by Abimis can be customized using any material and can be combined with an endless variety of surfaces, depending on the atmosphere that the owner wishes to create in the room. Stone, marble, wood and synthetic materials such as Corian, Hi-Macs and others, are just some of the combinations that can be used to warm up the room, creating a tailor-made designer kitchen. Although extremely personal, the Abimis custom-made designer kitchen, Atelier, remains true to the Abimis philosophy: an extremely functional and high-quality luxury kitchen, even in the smallest of details, with a heart of pure stainless steel.

Abimis products are able to bring the functions, materials, technology and aesthetics of a professional kitchen into the home. Those who buy an Abimis kitchen don’t just take home an innovative, designer product, but rather a unique, sophisticated and elegant way of life.

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