Cooking on the shores of Lake Constance

A stainless steel outdoor kitchen by Abimis, to cook while admiring the lake

A breath-taking view of the lake

Having a house with a garden is on many people’s wish-list. And if the garden leads straight to the waters of a lake, offering its occupants breath-taking scenery, then that wish-list becomes a dream. A dream that has actually come true for this young couple of German entrepreneurs…


City: Lake Constance
Location: Private House
Kitchen Line: Atelier

The villa, which is a modern architecture with minimal design, is in fact situated just a stone’s throw from Lake Constance. Which is also referred to by the locals as Bodensee. This large natural basin, formed by the river Rhine, marks the borders of 3 different countries: Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

The couple had discovered it almost by accident a few years ago. They had noticed it during a boat trip and had immediately fallen in love with it. So they got in touch with the previous owners, who only seldom used it as a holiday home, and managed to snatch it up after a little negotiating.

What they appreciated most about this villa were the huge floor-to-ceiling windows that literally cancel out the separation between indoors and out. Not only does this solution flood the interiors with light, but it also affords a show-stopping 360-degree view over the lake. One way to live life while surrounded by nature, even during the long winter months, while staying home.

One kitchen at home and one kitchen outdoors

The desire to enjoy life inside and in the garden with equal intensity led the new owners to create a double kitchen. A larger, more complete one indoors. And the other, adjacent to the first, outside.

The outdoor kitchen, placed under a protected area of the overhanging eave to host friends and to cook while surrounded with greenery in all seasons.
As soon as the weather allows it, they can start cooking and eating in the garden, the green heart of the home. And when the cold weather sets in, they simply slide the two glass doors shut to turn the portico that plays host to the outdoor kitchen into a closed, heated environment.

The characteristics of the Atelier kitchen

For the outside, the home owners wanted a stainless steel kitchen from the Atelier line by Abimis, in satin finish. Since this is their second kitchen, they opted for a compact yet well organised model for all types of cooking. The top not only houses the work surface, but also an induction hob for traditional cooking, along with an American grill for large fish, meat and vegetable barbecues.

Suspended above the kitchen, the owners wanted to install a large industrial hood which provides suction to remove all cooking odours, therefore allowing them to cook all sorts of food even when the sliding doors are shut.

With this solution the home owners – who are both passionate about cooking – have made their dream come true in the best possible way. They can cook their favourite dishes with a professional kitchen, without forgoing the company of friends and guests, surrounded by a spectacular view. And they can enjoy it all year round.


Abimis solutions perfectly reflect the original concept for which they were conceived: a professional-grade product devised for domestic settings that is both functional and designer.

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