Same stainless steel core, different finishes

The core of Abimis kitchens is always the same: stainless steel. The external surface is available in three different steel finishes – orbitally polished, brushed or mirror-finish – or it can be glossy/matt painted in all the RAL colours.

The orbitally polished and brushed finishes reduce the visibility of scratches and fingerprints, giving the kitchen a warmer appearance.

With its reflective surface, the mirror-finish lends the kitchen a contemporary look, brightening up settings and making them appear bigger.

The painted finish allows the customisation of the kitchen in any colour chosen by the customer. There is no standard colour chart. The colour of every kitchen is devised together with the customer according to the intended setting. Abimis applies paint using the same techniques used in the automotive industry. The process envisages subsequent phases of smoothing, painting and polishing, guaranteeing a uniform effect and a colour that is highly resistant to wear.

What’s more, the external finish of Abimis kitchens can be customised, combining the stainless steel structure with other materials. From natural ones, such as wood and marble, to acrylic stones like Corian® and HI-MACS®.

Stainless steel workmanship

Glossy / matt painted


Scotchbrite with hand finish

Orbitally polished by hand

Some examples of customization

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