Customisation of Abimis stainless steel kitchens

Kitchens with a stainless steel core by Abimis can also be entirely customised with any material the customer wishes. Abimis stainless steel luxury kitchens each differ from the next, there is not one identical kitchen because the Abimis philosophy does not contemplate mass production. There are unimaginable solutions for comfort, beauty and durability: three characteristics intrinsic to stainless steel.

The luxury kitchen customisation projects requested by customers require particular care and extreme attention to detail to guarantee best performance, always. The entire kitchen design is engineered in-house by a technical staff who support the architects or interiors studio. Delivery and installation of the kitchen is taken care of by Abimis engineers.

Discover all the Abimis kitchens secrets

The 5 steps

Ergonomics, rationality and styling merge together to return the concept of the kitchen to its essence, starting with the act of cooking.


Worktops, modules, doors, finishes and details… a very extensive choice of great solutions to create “the kitchen as you want it”.

Kitchen lines

A professional-grade product devised for domestic settings: stainless steel designer kitchens, functional and practical.

Abimis through 360°

Abimis has made service its added value, deciding to monitor all phases through 360°, from design to installation of each kitchen.

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