They offer the same performance levels as kitchens in Michelin star restaurants, with the added bonus of being extremely attractive too. They are professional kitchens for domestic use.

A type of kitchen that today is chosen by a growing number of private individuals for their home. Whether for professional chefs, amateur cooks or simple foodies, professionally-derived kitchens are gaining in popularity in the home as well, so much so that they have become a genuine interior design trend.

Architects, designers and interior designers have for some time begun to introduce professionally-derived kitchens in a large number of residential projects. This is not just because they constitute the epitome of a quality kitchen, but also due to a specific design choice. Professional kitchens devised for the home in fact feature a unique and distinctive look, capable of giving any kitchen environment plenty of character.

Why opt for a professionally-derived kitchen in the home too?

There are many reasons why customers choose a professionally-derived kitchen for their home.

Like professional kitchens, professionally-derived kitchens are designed with meticulous care for ergonomics and rationalisation of space. They enable optimum storage and preservation of food. They deliver superior performance levels for preparing and cooking food. They guarantee the best conditions in terms of hygiene and safety. And they do all this without compromising on styling. This is because while the work tools are comparable to those used by star chefs, the design has been specifically devised to blend in seamlessly with domestic settings.

However, it isn’t easy to choose a professional kitchen for domestic use. To give you a helping hand, we have put together a guide that explains, step by step, why a professionally-derived kitchen is the right choice for those wishing to blend design with performance in the kitchen.

1. Professionally-derived kitchens are in stainless steel

Professionally-derived kitchens are made of stainless steel. This is a material that is preferred by chefs in the kitchen for several reasons. First of all, because stainless steel is extremely resistant to knocks, corrosion and to high temperatures. Secondly, because it is an antibacterial and biologically neutral material. It does not modify the colour, the flavour or the fragrance of food. And, last but not least, stainless steel is extremely practical and easy to clean.

Beware, however. Not all stainless steel kitchens are the same because not all types of steels are the same. The stainless steel used for professional restaurant and catering kitchens must be AISI 304. An extremely hard-wearing metal alloy which is absolutely the most suitable to come into contact with food (the same type used for pans and for food or liquid tanks and vats).

All the professional kitchens for domestic use by Abimis are made in AISI 304 stainless steel, the same stainless steel that is used to make professional restaurant and catering kitchens. If the intended destination of the kitchen is by the sea or by a swimming pool, Abimis uses special AISI 316 stainless steel. Thanks to the addition of molybdenum, this alloy proves hard-wearing and resistant to salt air and chlorine too.


2. Professional kitchens for domestic use ensure perfect food preservation

Professional kitchens for domestic use ensure outstanding food preservation. Indeed, each food needs to be stored at a specific temperature. For instance, yoghurt, butter and fresh cheese should be stored at a temperature of +4°C. Minced meat at +2°C. Fresh meat at +7°C. Fresh pasta at +4°C. These temperatures are defined and governed by European regulations on the subject of food safety and hygiene.

As is the norm in the large-scale collective catering industry, professionally-derived kitchens for domestic use also implement systems that make it possible to keep all food at a specific temperature, monitoring it constantly. This is the only way you will always be sure that the ingredients you need in the kitchen will always be fresh and safe. All that’s left for you is the pleasure of preparing your favourite food, dishing it up and sharing it with those you love.

Abimis has designed an innovative cold control system. This is a high-tech collection of refrigerated tall units, which adjusts the temperature in the various compartments depending on the food stored, and their status is monitored at all times.

3. Professionally-derived kitchens are designed with meticulous care for ergonomics

Professional kitchens for domestic use are designed for those who love to cook; whether they are a professional chef or a mere amateur cook. They are designed with meticulous care for functionality and ergonomics. Their design is in fact the result of a careful analysis of the actual movements of a cook. Those who work in the professional restaurant and catering business in fact spend hours on their feet, standing in front of the hob or moving swiftly from one workstation to another.

Professional kitchens for domestic use are designed with the same meticulous care for ergonomics. To simplify the tasks of those who use the kitchen every day, making their movements easier and helping them maintain the correct posture.

All professionally-derived kitchens by Abimis are designed for maximum ergonomics. For instance, the kitchen plinth is completely adjustable and recessed by up to 200 mm to exploit the entire depth of the workspace. The worktop backsplash is made in any size, according to the customer’s specific requirements.

4. Professional kitchens for domestic use ensure perfectly optimised space

In all professionally-derived kitchens the organisation of space is based on the Gastronorm modular system. Launched in Switzerland in the Sixties, Gastronorm defines and standardises at international level the dimensions of containers and equipment for professional kitchens.

The basic Gastronorm dimension, which is governed by EN 631, is GN 1/1 (325 x 530 mm). All the elements in the kitchen are designed according to this standard dimension or multiples thereof. This way, trays, pans and all cookware are coordinated with ovens, larders and refrigerators of the same dimensions. The advantage is that the space is optimised to the nearest millimetre, avoiding unnecessary wastage.

All the professionally-derived kitchens by Abimis implement the Gastronorm system, guaranteeing the perfect rationalisation of space.


5. Professionally-derived kitchens are genuine cooking machines

Blast chillers, fryers, grills and hotplates. A professionally-derived kitchen ensures the highest performance levels in preparing and cooking food in the home too. Devised to accommodate the needs of all cooking enthusiasts, even the most demanding, they can also incorporate professional cooking appliances upon request.

The same ones used in the kitchens of the greatest chefs. These appliances not only offer the best cooking results, they also guarantee hard-wearing resistance, durability and greater safety compared to those found in standard kitchens.

Abimis kitchens are genuine cooking machines. They can be equipped with professionally-derived stainless steel hotplates and Teppanyaki. But that’s not all. Since every Abimis kitchen is customised and tailored to the specific needs of each customer, it can be built to house blast chillers, fryers and any other appliance, even professional.


6. Professional kitchens for domestic use have a unique and distinctive design

Professional kitchens for domestic use bring the same work tools used by great chefs into your home, without having to compromise on design. Since they are conceived specifically for the home, they are in fact designed to please the eye, as well as the palate! Indeed, stainless steel offers unique styling results too. This material is being increasingly used in the world of design.

In addition to the large number of people who prefer professionally-derived kitchens because they deliver the top in terms of quality and performance, many others choose them specifically for their unique design and their strong and bold personality. A vaguely industrial look that fits like a glove in lofts or contemporary homes. Yet it also blends in seamlessly with more classic settings with which it establishes – in contrast – a creative and extremely attractive dialogue.

A professional stainless steel kitchen, thanks to its crisp, clear-cut silhouette and pure shapes, suits any setting and all personal tastes. Customers who prefer a softer, more traditional style can choose a kitchen in painted stainless steel or stainless steel teamed with other materials, such as wood or ceramic. Others who prefer more contemporary designs can opt for a visible stainless steel kitchen, with orbitally polished, satin or mirror-finish.

Abimis was among the first companies to bring professional stainless steel kitchens into the home. Abimis offers 2 designer kitchens. Ego, designed in partnership with the architect Alberto Torsello, stands out for its 1950s-inspired rounded silhouettes. Atelier on the other hand is a “bespoke” kitchen range, featuring a contemporary and fully customisable design.


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