“Instauratio facienda ab imis fundamentis”.

“Renovation should be conducted from the deepest foundations”, as the English philosopher Francis Bacon stated in his work “Instauratio Magna”.
“Ab imis” is therefore a synonym of innovation, of profound renewal. And Abimis is the name of the brand that has radically changed the concept of the stainless steel kitchen.

Abimis created the first ever professionally-derived stainless steel kitchen. A designer kitchen, designed to fit in with domestic surroundings, which was designed to offer the highest performance levels so far reserved for professional kitchens only.


Abimis thrives on the experience of Prisma, a Veneto-based company that has manufactured professional stainless steel kitchens for the restaurant and catering world for more than 30 years.

Prisma has passed on to Abimis its profound expertise in professional kitchens along with its know-how in processing stainless steel. A hard-wearing, hygienic and sustainable material, which Abimis uses for all its professionally-derived kitchens.


Abimis designs and manufactures professionally-derived stainless steel kitchens for domestic settings.

Abimis devises designer kitchens for those who want to have the same tools of the trade as the greatest chefs in their own home. Extra-thick joint-free worktops. Hobs that guarantee professional performance during cooking. Optimised spaces based on the Gastronorm system. Refrigerated waste containers to get rid of bacteria and unpleasant odours. Impeccable solutions made with painstaking care for details. This is what Abimis kitchens are all about.

Just the like the kitchens in Michelin star restaurants, Abimis kitchens are also designed with meticulous care for ergonomics, rationalisation of space and hygiene. Nothing is left to fate. This is because all the greatest chefs, whether professionals or amateurs, need to cook in a place that has been designed to suit their particular needs.

Abimis stainless steel kitchens also stand out for their simple yet striking, elegant and timeless design. A design that has been devised to blend in with any interior style. Abimis produces genuine “cooking machines” that are both attractive and top-quality, combining impeccable aesthetic styling with superior performance levels.


Craftsmanship skills, design and technological innovation. This is the recipe for the uniqueness of Abimis kitchens.

Thanks to forty years of experience in processing stainless steel, Abimis designs and manufactures professionally-derived kitchens. These kitchens are 100% customisable, built to adapt to the individual needs of every customer.
This bespoke approach means Abimis takes care of the smallest detail, accompanying architects, interior designers or the end customer throughout every step of the process: from the initial concept to manufacturing, transportation and installation.

This is because Abimis does not just make kitchens. Abimis “designs your kitchen”.

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The “kitchen that never was”

Abimis created the kitchen that never was.

It designed the first ever professionally-derived stainless steel designer kitchen. And it did so starting from scratch, based on the very essence of the kitchen. This is because it is only if you start from the deepest foundations, “ab imis” in fact, that true renewal can come about.

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