A mirror-finish steel kitchen in the Principality of Monaco

A Monegasque entrepreneur, passionate about art and sailing, recently decided to renovate a family apartment in the historical centre of Monte Carlo.
It is a luxury apartment block designed in the 1990s which juts out into the sea with a series of splendid habitable terraces from which you can enjoy a unique and spectacular view.


Location: Private House
City: Montecarlo
Kitchen Line: Ego

So, having fallen in love with this enchanting and privileged position, the entrepreneur decided to transform this large apartment into a home where he could live with his wife and their two children.

The renovation completely changed the internal distribution of space. Two completely distinct areas have been created. The living area, with a sea view, comprises a living room, a large lounge and a kitchen that is small but really charming. At the back, facing the mountains, are the 3 bedrooms, each with an en-suite bathroom.

The kitchen, the heart of the home.

The owners have paid special attention to the choice of kitchen. In fact, it’s there that the family loves getting together for having breakfast and quick meals. And it’s the place where the parents, both passionate about cooking, love spending their time, making their favourite meals together. The kitchen is the environment that they love more than anywhere else and that they wanted to design themselves according to their needs and culinary habits.

Despite the small room dedicated to the kitchen, the owners have managed to make the most of the available space. This has also meant reaching high up with a series of tall cabinets.
The result is a designer kitchen  which is extremely organised and functional.
A modern style kitchen, which is light and beautiful to look at. So, basically a kitchen that adapts perfectly to their taste and the look of the house: bright, light and full of works of art and design.

A mirror-finish steel kitchen from the Abimis Ego line

After extensive research, the final choice was the stainless steel kitchen from the Abimis Ego line. In fact, it’s a professional type kitchen, with the same characteristics as those of large restaurants, but especially designed for the domestic environment.
As the kitchen was to be fitted in a room that wasn’t so big, a mirror finish stainless steel kitchen was chosen. This solution guarantees a really bright environment with incredible reflections that “dematerialize” the volumes of the kitchen and give it a great sense of depth.
Finally, the glossy steel finish transforms this small but very well equipped kitchen into a true work of art. A diaphanous and immaterial “pop” sculpture where everything is reflected.

The kitchen is split into two opposing blocks with a table in the centre, which is also made of steel. On one wall there is a linear element that houses the work top, hob and the sink. On the other side there is a small corner kitchen with a fridge, ovens and a cupboard.
Abimis has created a customized kitchen for this environment designed 100% ad hoc to combine the space requirements with the owners’ needs.
Everything in the kitchen is made to the centimetre. The storage spaces, cabinets and mirror finish backs… even the steel table, where the family gets together every morning for breakfast.
And for sociable moments after cooking they move into the adjacent dining room where they can have lunch admiring the reflections of the sea through the full length glass wall and across the splendid terrace.


Abimis solutions perfectly reflect the original concept for which they were conceived: a professional-grade product devised for domestic settings that is both functional and designer.

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