Three Abimis kitchens in Napa Valley

Napa Valley is probably one of the most fertile wine-growing regions in the United States. And not only. It is also one of California’s premier tourist destinations, hosting thousands of visitors every year who enjoy the pleasures of life, fine wine and fine dining.


City: Napa Valley
Location: Casa Privata
Kitchen Line: Ego

In fact, the Napa Valley area is dotted with boutique hotels, luxury resorts, star-rated restaurants, and spas that, along with more than 400 wineries, attract cultured, refined, and discerning tourism 365 days a year.

And it’s a family of Napa Valley winemakers who live in this grand villa built on top of a hill where Cabernet Sauvignon vines are grown.

Passionate connoisseurs of wines and good food, the owners commissioned Abimis to build three kitchens: two large kitchens inside the house and an outdoor kitchen.

The hosts chose Abimis because they were already familiar with its professional kitchens. Having already installed one in their home in San Francisco, they were impressed by the combination of high performance of Abimis’ stainless steel kitchens and their design, so basic and yet very distinctive.
A design that blends well with their style and the contemporary furniture of the villa.

A double kitchen in the villa

Inside they wanted a completely custom-made kitchen from the Ego collection by Abimis.

On one side a wall block and, in the middle, a large island. The first was equipped with American hobs and a large professional hood. The island, on the other hand, houses the washing tank, welded into the top, and a series of container elements at the base.
Abimis has also created a practical snack counter, made of cantilever steel with a thickness of 6 mm, integrated into the wooden base composition to the side of the kitchen.

The Ego kitchen can be distinguished by its rounded flush doors built into the structure, the stainless steel worktop without joints, the ergonomic recessed skirting board and the rounded handles.
This kitchen, custom designed by the architectural studio that also furnished the villa, is a true design kitchen, made of hand-orbitally polished AISI 304 stainless steel. A kitchen that is beautiful to look at (and therefore perfect for the home environment) but at the same time highly performing, offering the same performance levels as those of the great Michelin-starred restaurants of Napa Valley.
To enhance its design, the kitchen has been arranged opposite the dining room and the large living room. This has become the beating heart of the house with a magnificent view over the surrounding hills.

Behind the Ego kitchen, but separated from the view by a partition element, a second Atelier model kitchen has been installed. A more “operational” kitchen, reserved for the storage and preparation of food, and the washing and storage of utensils.

Unlike the Ego line, the Atelier collection is distinguished by a rigorous and minimal design, whose lines echo those of professional catering.
Here the designers opted for a very linear and functional model, with slotted handles, pull-out shelves and full-wall shelves. All enriched by a marble top, used for the preparation of food.

A third outdoor kitchen by the pool

As Napa Valley has a mild climate all year round, the owners felt they needed an outdoor kitchen to make the most of long evenings with family or friends.
So recently they decided to fly to Treviso, the city where Abimis is based, to personally choose the new outdoor kitchen, to be installed in the large garden of the villa, by the pool.

The choice fell again on a kitchen in the Atelier collection. In agreement with the architects, they wanted a stainless steel kitchen to be inserted in a concrete structure created ad hoc. And, as in the best American tradition, they wanted to equip it with grills and barbecues in addition to the traditional equipment. A large top allows food to be prepared outdoors, while the lower part houses a long series of containers with anthracite steel doors.

Being close to the swimming pool, Abimis suggested making the outdoor kitchen from AISI 316 stainless steel, an alloy not only perfect for outdoor use, but also more resistant to aggressive substances such as chlorine and salt.
So now, at weekends, this outdoor kitchen becomes the Kingdom of the owner, who claims to be one of the best “barbecue chefs” in the whole valley!


Abimis solutions perfectly reflect the original concept for which they were conceived: a professional-grade product devised for domestic settings that is both functional and designer.

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