A large Atelier island kitchen in Posillipo

“In the family we are all great cooking enthusiasts. Including Matteo…”
Matteo is a 12-year-old boy, the son of a couple of Neapolitan chefs, who has always shared this passion with both of his parents.


City: Napoli
Location: Private House
Kitchen Line: Atelier

So, when they decided to move house – Matteo was growing up and needed a space of his own – they decided to buy an apartment with a sea view in Posillipo. The neighbourhood where his mother’s parents live.
They have completely renovated it and decided to create a large kitchen space in the house, where they can work (they are often hired as home chefs), where they can invent new recipes and, above all, make food all together. Including Matteo.

A professional grade stainless steel kitchen

The kitchen, which is separated from the dining area by a large sliding window, has a very minimal style. “We don’t like chaos in the kitchen,” the owners confess, “when we work we need absolute tidiness.” So no hanging cabinets or shelves with visible items. Nor sets of pans or hanging ladles which create a “rustic style”. Only a large island kitchen and a wall equipped with containers and built-in appliances.

“For us the workplace must always be clean and tidy. Have you ever seen the Ferrari workshops?” There are no stains on the ground or tools out of place…”
Given this need, they wanted a professional grade kitchen, and precisely an Atelier model by Abimis made based on their design.
It is a kitchen with an island, all stainless steel in a hand-orbited finish, which guarantees the highest performance for chef while being designed for domestic use.

An Atelier island kitchen by Abimis

The island is formed by a single block with a top and sides welded together. On one side of the top there is a large sink with two tubs. On the other, a double hob: a traditional one and an induction one.

“I wanted them both,” explains the lady of the house, because every dish needs a different cooking process.”
Opposite, the top becomes a comfortable workspace which, depending on requirements, can be transformed into a snack bar.

“Very often while my husband and I cook on one side, Matteo kneads, mixes and prepares his dishes on the other. Other times, one of us cooks and the other two keep them company chatting, sitting on the stools on the opposite side.”

To help keep the kitchen tidy and easy to clean, they wanted all of the kitchen’s internal shelves to be removable. This makes it much easier and quicker to pick up and put away food and items.
Because the whole family spends a lot of time in the kitchen, they have had a large professional hood installed. A large suspended steel structure, the same size as the island below, that sucks up every smell and allows them to cook and eat without any annoying smells. And also without any noise as the motor has been deliberately placed in the atrium!


Abimis solutions perfectly reflect the original concept for which they were conceived: a professional-grade product devised for domestic settings that is both functional and designer.

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