An Abimis kitchen in the historic centre of Zurich

We are in Switzerland, in the historic centre of Zurich.
It is here that a young couple decided to move after buying and renovating an apartment on the first floor of an ancient building. It was a four-handed job.
Actually, six-handed, so to speak…


City: Zurigo
Location: Private House
Kitchen Line: Atelier

In fact, for the renovation work, they took advice from an architect friend, to whom they expressed their wishes in terms of division of spaces and organization. As for the choice of furnishings, however, they preferred to decide for themselves as they wanted the house to be as tailored to their needs as possible.

The dining-kitchen area. An informal and functional environment

And so, as requested, the designer clearly divided the sleeping area from the living area. Two bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, plus a study in the more private area of the house. An open plan with a visible kitchen in the living area. To separate the kitchen and living room, a simple wall with a fireplace.

This area, in particular, was the main focus of the two young owners. They wanted a large, bright and welcoming kitchen and dining area. A functional space, first of all, where they can cook together without getting in each other’s way (both are enthusiastic cooks and enjoy preparing different dishes every day).

But also an informal environment where they can enjoy everyday life, chat with friends (including those with young children) and host their parents, with whom they have a very close relationship.
They therefore asked for a large space divided into two clearly separate areas. On one side the kitchen and on the other the dining room. The lounge area has been positioned in the adjoining room.

The Atelier kitchen by Abimis in hand-orbitally polished steel

In collaboration with the architect, they designed an L-shaped kitchen area. On one side, a custom-made lacquered wood cabinet conceals the fridge, the pantry, the oven and a service compartment with an unusual porthole door.

On the other, a large kitchen in stainless steel also custom-made, which occupies the entire wall. They chose the Atelier line by Abimis. A kitchen already known to the couple as it is the same model installed in her mother’s house. “A fantastic kitchen, where I learned to cook and where I made the first meals for my husband”, she says. “We absolutely had to have it in our own home too!”

A minimalist kitchen design

Lovers of Nordic design and simple and essential lines, the owners chose a kitchen in hand orbitally polished stainless steel, with satin profiles.

A warm and silky tone, which is a perfect match with the light walls, sand-coloured lacquered wooden furniture and light parquet flooring. But also with the beige travertine dining table and the Wishbone Chair armchairs by Carl Hansen&Søn.

Iconic Danish pieces from the 1950s in natural teak, with a woven paper rope seat. Above the table, the only touch of colour is the Flower Pot red suspension lamp, designed by Verner Panton in 1968 and made by the Swedish manufacturer &Tradition.

Linear on the outside, very organized on the inside

Although its design is very clean, every tiny detail of the kitchen is carefully thought out, even inside. Due to the owners’ passion for cooking, the drawers and pull-out storage compartments are equipped with the Abimis A_ccessori system.

A series of wooden and steel partition elements to store cutlery, dishes, pans and accessories in the most organized and tidiest way possible, so they are always close to hand.
The most suitable solution for two cooks who love minimalism…


Le linee di cucine in acciaio Inox Abimis Ego e Atelier esprimono perfettamente il concept per il quale sono state disegnate: cucine sartoriali professionali pensate per gli spazi domestici, funzionali e di design.

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