How to organise a plain air cocktail with Abimis.

An elegant outdoor version of the Atelier, the Cooling Station, a new project designed by Abimis, creates an unprecedented al fresco sociability experience in an exclusive summer residence in Mykonos.


City: Mykonos
Location: Private house
Kitchen line: Atelier

A holiday atmosphere and the desire for a carefree ambiance characterise the house in Mykonos, which in its enchanting poolside patio hosts a Cooling Station, the new project by Abimis, comprising an extremely compact block, made of AISI 316 stainless steel, consisting of a small sink, a refrigerator and an ice cube maker, complete with wall units for easy storage of glassware and bottles.

Customisable in both size and finish – the outer surface can in fact be painted in glossy or matt stainless steel or in any RAL colour, using the same techniques used in the automotive industry – better to adapt to its surrounding context, the Cooling Station is the perfect solution for every ‘bartender’, whether professional or amateur.

Once again, this new project underscores the ability of Abimis to create bespoke customisable solutions to accommodate any domestic requirement while satisfying dreams and passions.


Le linee di cucine in acciaio Inox Abimis Ego e Atelier esprimono perfettamente il concept per il quale sono state disegnate: cucine sartoriali professionali pensate per gli spazi domestici, funzionali e di design.

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