Stainless steel: a perfect material for designer kitchens too - Abimis

Have you ever wondered why restaurant kitchens and professional kitchens are all made of stainless steel? What does a steel kitchen have that makes it different (and better…) than those made of other materials? And why have steel kitchens become so popular in the home today?

In the past, stainless steel was the material used almost exclusively in restaurant kitchens or professional kitchens in general. Steel kitchens have always been those preferred by the great chefs. After experiencing the very high quality and exceptional performance levels, these chefs started to want them in their homes too. But their appearance, which was too cold and industrial, did not fit well into the domestic environment.
For this reason, 10 years ago, Abimis revolutionized the concept of kitchen by inventing the professional grade stainless steel kitchen. A kitchen that offers the same characteristics and performance levels as those of star-rated restaurants, but revised in terms of design, becoming aesthetically more refined and perfectly integrated into the home environment.
Thanks to this innovation, stainless steel kitchens have now become a real trend in the world of domestic design.

6 reasons to prefer a stainless steel kitchen

Steel kitchens are now sought after by an increasingly demanding, attentive and evolved target. And all those who have a great passion for gourmet cuisine and love to cook for themselves, for family or friends.
There are many reasons for this. And they are very important not only for professional kitchens but also for domestic ones.

Here are the 6 reasons to choose a stainless steel kitchen:

  • Resistance
  • Durability
  • Hygiene
  • Easy cleaning
  • Sustainability
  • Design

Let’s analyse them one by one…

1. Resistance

One of the first elements that must be evaluated for a high-profile designer kitchen is the choice of the material to be used, which must be suitable for the various operations carried out in the kitchen.

From storage to food preparation, cooking, plating and finally washing.
These are the so-called 5 steps of cooking. Tasks that require a sturdy kitchen made from a durable material, especially when they are done on a daily basis.
And stainless steel is a very hard and resistant material. Not just against scratches and bumps. But also to heat (you can put hot pots on the top without fear of burning or warping it) and to water (stainless steel cannot go rusty). This is the first good reason to prefer a stainless steel kitchen…

2. Durability

As steel is a durable material, kitchens made from this alloy are almost eternal.
If the surfaces become scratched, they can easily be restored and brought back to life. This means a steel kitchen can last a lifetime. It is no coincidence that many people who buy a steel kitchen then pass it on “as a legacy” to their children along with their passion for cooking good food…

3. Hygiene

In the kitchen, maximum hygiene must be guaranteed. In fact, the food is stored and processed here; even the most delicate and perishable foods, such as eggs, meat and fish… And, when cooking, these foods often come into contact with the surfaces, especially with the top and the containers.

Unlike almost all other materials usually used in cooking, stainless steel is a naturally antibacterial metal, which does not absorb liquids, odours or flavours, and which does not release residues when it comes into contact with food. In practice, it offers a 100% hygiene guarantee. And in fact it is the material that has always been used in restaurant kitchens and is also the most used where hygiene must be absolute: think of food containers, sinks, pots and crockery!

4. Easy cleaning

The ease of cleaning the kitchen is closely linked to the concept of hygiene. And, contrary to what is commonly believed, stainless steel is extremely easy to clean.
Just follow a few simple rules and the steel in your kitchen will always be as perfect as when you bought it.


5. Sustainability

Steel is, of all the materials commonly used in cooking, the most environmentally friendly and sustainable. It is recycled and recyclable endlessly, without ever losing its qualities (thus reducing the consumption of natural resources), and is one of the metals that uses the least energy to be produced. Two very important factors in reducing the impact on the environment.
But those are not the only reasons.
Find out in our article why steel is a sustainable material.

6. Design

What are the reasons that make stainless steel such a refined material in the design of kitchens? Mainly its aesthetic features.
Stainless steel gives the kitchen a role as a real protagonist: strong, decisive and with a great character.

The steel kitchen fits perfectly into any room. Both in contemporary houses, designer houses or metropolitan lofts, and in more classic houses, urban dwellings or in country villas. In the former case, steel enhances the minimalism and essential nature of the furnishings. In the latter, it contrasts nicely with the warmer style of the house.

Steel surfaces can then be finished in different ways. Depending on your preference, they can be mirror-polished, for a bright, shiny kitchen, or matte (satin or hand-orbitally finished) for a warmer, silky effect.
The structure of steel kitchens, including the doors and drawers, can also be painted in any RAL colour. And the steel-colour combination (both in bright shades and in softer tones) is really irresistible.
Steel is also very versatile and matches perfectly with other materials. Especially in contrast with natural materials, first of all, wood, marble and all stones in general.

Anyone who wasn’t a fan of the “all steel” effect has no more excuses!

Why choose Abimis designer stainless steel kitchens?

Abimis is a brand of Prisma, a leading company for 40 years in the field of professional stainless steel kitchens.
Thanks to this great know-how, Abimis has invented a new kitchen idea. And it expresses itself in three collections, all characterised by highly refined design and maximum flexibility in terms of customisation:

  • Ego, the corporate icon, inspired by the rounded shapes of the 1950-60s.
  • Atelier, the kitchen of professional inspiration par excellence, with a very refined design and top performance levels.
  • And finally Atria, the outdoor kitchen with light and architectural lines.

In addition to offering “domestic chefs” the highest culinary performances, Abimis kitchens are all custom made. Unlike almost all models on the market, Abimis kitchens are not made up of modular elements that sit side by side. On the contrary, they are designed as unique and compact elements and are made exclusively to measure. This is to guarantee maximum customization, to make them adaptable to any space (indoors or outdoors), to any need (customer or designer) and to any style of furniture.
Abimis kitchens are all made in-house and then welded on site, so as to make them real stainless steel monoblocks, without any visible cuts or joints, so as to prevent the stagnation of food residues and the consequent formation of bacteria.

The sinks and hobs are also flush top, integrated into the counter top, making them extremely easy to clean and sanitise.

After the 6 good reasons to choose a stainless steel kitchen, here is a great reason to choose a stainless steel kitchen by Abimis!