An Ego cuisine by Abimis in the Art Nouveau heart of Milan

We are in the historical centre of Milan. To be exact, in one of the elegant Art Nouveau buildings that distinguish the Porta Venezia district. Here, on the first floor, we find a large apartment recently renovated by a Milanese manager: a fashion designer with a passion for cooking. A passion so great that it strongly influenced the renovation project.


City: Milano
Location: Private Home
Kitchen Line: Ego

“I wanted a big and bright kitchen…”

The architect, a friend of the owner, had in fact suggested a very practical distribution of the spaces but that would leave little room for the kitchen. His solution was a large open plan living room with the kitchen leaning against a blank wall.
After analysing the project, the owner asked to completely revise the spaces. He wanted an independent kitchen, completely separate from the living room and dining room. And he wanted to place it under a large and bright windowed wall.
The engineer-chef wanted to be able to enjoy his great passion to the full. And he wanted to do it in a large, functional and super-equipped kitchen.
Not only that. He also wanted the privilege of being able to cook right in front of the large window that measures almost 3 metres in length. A real bath of light that floods his miniature, large private laboratory: the kitchen.

A tailor-made kitchen from the Abimis Ego range

A great cooking enthusiast, as we were saying, the owner wanted to make a decisive “upgrade” not only of the space for cooking, but also and above all, of his old steel kitchen.

For this reason he opted for the Ego collection by Abimis, a professional kitchen, also made of stainless steel. A beautiful and performing work tool, which guarantees maximum performance for the chef, but which is especially designed for home use.
The design of the Ego kitchen can be distinguished by its rounded, flush doors with no visible hinges and an ergonomic base. Higher and recessed, offering a much more natural position for those who cook there.

For a more elegant look, the Ego Kitchen has been chosen in a hand-orbitally polished stainless steel finish. A long and laborious, handcrafted finish, which makes the kitchen surface warmer and silky. And that fits well with the original period floors in dark wood.

The C-shaped kitchen is composed of 3 adjacent but separate elements

The Ego kitchen by Abimis consists of elements designed to measure. The third element was already there.

The result is a C-shaped kitchen made up of adjacent but separate elements.

The first central element is placed under the window and occupies the entire wall. Abimis had to make it to the centimetre; not only to adapt it to the length of the wall but also to combine it with a concrete column, adjacent to the right corner. On the top, an induction hob and a built-in sink with a collapsible tap so as not to interfere with the opening of the windows.

In the containers below, a set of doors and drawers for cutlery, pots and crockery.

The other two column modules are located on the side walls.

The first, made by Abimis, houses the ovens and refrigerators.

The second, on the opposite side, was already present in the house and is composed of 3 tall display columns recessed into the wall. Here the owner has arranged the plates, glasses and pantry which can be seen through the laminated glass with a grid mesh.

No wall cupboards were provided in order to give the kitchen a more formal clean line, but the storage space was fully exploited, with a system of closed and semi-transparent doors.

Now that his house is finished and fully functional, the engineer can finally return to his old passions. Inviting friends, guests and colleagues for delicious meals. But also relaxing, alone, experimenting with new dishes in his beautiful, large and bright kitchen.


Abimis solutions perfectly reflect the original concept for which they were conceived: a professional-grade product devised for domestic settings that is both functional and designer.

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