An outdoor Àtria kitchen by Abimis immersed in greenery, a few kilometres from Antwerp

Living in the middle of greenery and cooking outside. These were the 2 greatest desires of a young Belgian couple of entrepreneurs, passionate about cooking.

The decision came about when the realised they were expecting twins. So they decided to leave their home in the centre of Antwerp to move to a larger, quieter space and, above all, surrounded by a garden.


City: Anversa
Location: Private House
Linea cucina: Atelier

The couple decided to buy and renovate an old farmhouse in the countryside, a few kilometres from the capital of Flanders. A rural 19th century building surrounded by a large enclosed park. The ideal place for bringing up children… but also for growing vegetables!

Cooking outside with homegrown vegetables

In fact, the couple, very sensitive to issues of sustainability and food quality, have always cooked only organic locally grown food.
After about six months of building work, they moved to their new home. It was very cosy and welcoming, a place to feel good. The vegetable garden was ready and also the fruit trees. The garden was equipped with a play area for children and a pergola under which, during the summer, people could chat and eat outdoors.
In the early days the owner prepared his dishes in the house and then ate them with his family and friends on the table under the pergola.
But he soon realised that an outdoor kitchen would be the best solution for him. It would allow him to devote himself to his passion, cooking, outdoors too; in a more pleasant and relaxing environment and without ever having to leave his family.
So, he decided to install an outdoor kitchen in his garden. A solution that would complete the “open air” dining-living area, also providing it with a real kitchen. A compact but complete and high performance kitchen.

An Àtria outdoor kitchen by Abimis

The choice fell on the outdoor kitchen Àtria by Abimis, fully made of stainless steel. A kitchen perfect for outdoors as steel is a very resistant material that is
withstands heat and bad weather. But also a practical, functional kitchen with a light and minimal design.
The Àtria outdoor kitchen by Abimis, designed by Studio Delineo and Massimo Rosati, is particularly suitable for outdoor environments.
In fact, on one hand its modularity and infinite customization possibilities make it flexible and adaptable to any space.
On the other, once the preferred composition has been configured, its structure is welded without visible joints, thus becoming a single block.

This feature makes all Abimis kitchens different from other modular kitchens and makes them free from all gaps and visible joints. A perfect solution to prevent infiltrations and dirt or dust deposits. Even more so for outdoor kitchens, which thus become easier to clean and sanitise.

A light kitchen which fits into the surrounding nature

Not needing so much space for cooking outdoors, the owner decided on a light and compact one. He chose a composition of Àtria with 3 container modules supported by slender legs made of painted steel. The top, built into the structure, has an induction hob and the sink, also integrated without any visible welding.

To complete it, he wanted a back equipped with shelves and bottle holders, so as to always have everything necessary for cooking at hand.

He decided on the colour with his wife. They chose a stainless steel kitchen with a satin finish with details still made of steel but painted forest green.
In fact, they had decided to place it in the middle of the lawn, right in front of a hedge, and they wanted it to blend as much as possible into the surrounding environment. The steel actually reflects the colours of the garden and the plants that surround it. Furthermore, the green legs, the same colour chosen for the handles, recall the tones of nature and give the kitchen a great lightness. It almost seems to float in the air…

Àtria. A high-performance, sustainable designer kitchen

The choice of a stainless steel outdoor kitchen also demonstrates the great attention of the owners to the environment. In fact, ÀTRIA is a sustainable kitchen, as all Abimis kitchens actually are.
In fact, Abimis only makes AISI 304 stainless steel kitchens (or AISI 316 steel, which is even more resistant, when they are installed in a seaside environment or near a swimming pool).
In fact, stainless steel is one of the most sustainable materials for kitchens. It is very resistanthard-wearing and, at the end of its life, it is recycled without losing its properties. Finally, compared to other materials, it uses less energy and heat to be produced, thus reducing CO2 production and environmental impact.
But that’s not all! Steel is also a naturally antibacterial and biologically neutral alloy. This means that it does not release any substance, flavours or odours onto food.
It resists corrosion, shocks, humidity and high temperatures and is easy to clean (it requires very little detergent!).


Photo credits: Simon Van Ranst


Abimis solutions perfectly reflect the original concept for which they were conceived: a professional-grade product devised for domestic settings that is both functional and designer.

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