A modern Atelier cuisine by Abimis in Courmayeur, among design, taste and nature

A modern Atelier kitchen by Abimis, completely made to measure, to furnish a chalet in one of the most famous tourist destinations in the Western Alps.
We are in Courmayeur, a picturesque Alpine jewel that stands on the slopes of “his majesty” Mont Blanc, where the magnificent Valle d’Aosta begins.


City: Courmayeur
Location: Private House
Kitchen Line: Atelier

Courmayeur is a renowned ski and holiday resort, unique not only due to the crown of imposing mountains that surround it, but also because of its elegant atmosphere that attracts exclusive tourism from all over the world.

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A couple passionate about mountains and natural cuisine

This small Alpine town captured the hearts of a young American couple with two children. He is top manager for a US multinational company, whereas she is a yoga teacher and nutritionist with a great passion for natural cuisine. Together, they decided to buy a house for their holidays in Italy, a country much loved by both of them.
He was looking for an escape from the stress of working life. She wanted a relaxing place surrounded by nature where she can run her courses (in the summer, in the woods around the house) and cultivate her passion for healthy cuisine.

An Atelier model C-shaped kitchen

Their new home is an elegant apartment on the top floor of a historic building in the centre of Courmayeur. An old mountain house, furnished with refined taste and an eye for contemporary design. But what makes this residence really special is its large kitchen.

In fact, the kitchen is a masterpiece of design and functionality.
The owners chose the Atelier model by Abimis, a professional kitchen made of stainless steel.
A C-shaped kitchen with a peninsula, entirely tailored to make the most of any space

One of the two walls is equipped with steel floor-to-ceiling cabinets. This is a clever solution that visually separates the kitchen from the laundry area, as well as providing ample storage space.
The high steel backrest helps to create the strong colour uniformity of the kitchen, giving it a clean and tidy appearance.
The second wall houses the cooking area, which is located right in front of the window. So, while the owners are cooking they can enjoy the view of the high mountains of the Aosta Valley.

Hand-orbitally polished steel creates a warm and silky atmosphere

The design of the kitchen is deliberately sober and minimal. No handle, no shelf or open compartment, no decorative element. The absolute protagonist is stainless steel with its delicate hand-orbitally polished finish. A manual process that makes the surface “silky” and gives the steel a very warm tone, which goes well with the wooden floors and ceiling treated in a delicate ash grey colour.

The choice of steel not only gives the environment a modern and elegant look, but also gives the kitchen a longer life and makes it easier to clean and maintain.

A custom-made steel kitchen, welded and finished on site

The kitchen has been fully customised to optimise the available space. It was built in-house and then welded and finished directly on site, so as to adapt it perfectly to the room. A result that is impossible to achieve with traditional modular kitchens.
This high level of attention to detail, combined with the maximum possibility of customisation, are in fact two characteristics of Abimis kitchens, all of which are made exclusively to measure.

The kitchen: the beating heart of a healthy and natural life

The owners of this house expressly wanted the kitchen to be at the centre of their relaxation retreat in Courmayeur.
But why is the kitchen such an important element for the couple? The answer lies in their philosophy of life focused on health and well-being. And in their deep passion for natural cuisine and healthy food.
Both passionate chefs, they take turns every day in the kitchen to prepare delicious organic dishes for family and friends.

For the wife, the kitchen has become the place where she expresses her passion for healthy and natural food and shares it with her loved ones.
For her husband, who often finds himself managing a hectic and stressful life, the Courmayeur house is an oasis of peace and the kitchen becomes his refuge.
Here he can relax and prepare his favourite dishes for family or many local friends. Courmayeur is in fact an ideal location for social gatherings, and the kitchen becomes the focal point of every party and social occasion.

The renovation project, developed by a real estate agency in Courmayeur specialising in luxury homes, really exceeded the expectations of the American couple.
And the kitchen, designed by Abimis based on the owners’ specific needs, has become the hub of their healthy and natural lifestyle.

A place where taste, beauty and health come together in perfect harmony. Just like the city of Courmayeur itself.


Abimis solutions perfectly reflect the original concept for which they were conceived: a professional-grade product devised for domestic settings that is both functional and designer.

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