EGO by Abimis in a penthouse in Rome

We are at the home of a couple of Roman entrepreneurs in the catering industry. A penthouse in one of the most charming central areas of the capital, right next to the Archaeological Park of the Colosseum.

The apartment, surrounded on 4 sides by a large terrace, offers a breathtaking view of the Flavian Amphitheatre on one side and the Imperial Fora on the other.


City: Roma
Location: Casa Privata
Kitchen Line: Ego

The owners recently decided to completely renovate their home, inherited from her parents, and adapt it to the needs of a contemporary family. First, they wanted to create independent environments for the 2 children. They also wanted a large living room for entertaining many friends, and a dining room equipped to host many guests. And finally they wanted a big, beautiful and perfectly functional kitchen. Both professional chefs, they wanted a well-equipped space for preparing food and studying new recipes. 

An ergonomic and functional kitchen for the 2 chefs

There were 3 issues to be resolved. First of all, it had to be an ergonomic and functional kitchen with plenty of space and separate work areas.
Secondly, the kitchen had to have the same performance levels as those of the restaurants where they usually work. Thirdly, perhaps the most complex, they wanted a designer kitchen, which was beautiful to look at and which would fit well with the style of the house, without looking like a “cold” professional kitchen.

The first point was skilfully solved by Abimis by creating a double kitchen with a central island and divided into three distinct areas. The large island, which houses a large work area and an induction hob.

A column for the electrical sockets, completely retractable into the top, is raised for powering the small appliances needed for food preparation.

Behind it a large wall has been designed equipped with professional appliances: two ovens, the refrigerators, 2 freezer-drawers and a large refrigerated wine cellar. Finally, a completely separate washing area has been installed in a room that was previously used as a pantry.

Ego by Abimis. Design and performance in the kitchen

Points 2 and 3 were actually solved thanks to the experience of the owners. First of all, they specifically requested a professional-derived kitchen by Abimis.

A kitchen made of stainless steel with high performance levels, which has been combined with professional appliances V-ZUG e Sub Zero by Frigo 2000 (
The owners chose a kitchen from the Ego collection by Abimis, a line with a special design but constantly high performance levels. With its flush rounded doors without hinges, rounded handles (like the corners of the central island), the Ego kitchen by Abimis was the best choice for a design house.

All the more so with the hand-orbited steel finish, which gives the kitchen a warmer tone and which perfectly matches the concrete-effect brushed walls and floors.

A fairly simple choice for the owners, who had already experienced the quality and performance of Abimis kitchens in their New York home, and were extremely satisfied!


Abimis solutions perfectly reflect the original concept for which they were conceived: a professional-grade product devised for domestic settings that is both functional and designer.

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