A kitchen from the Ego line by Abimis in the heart of Bassano

A new Ego kitchen by Abimis has furnished a home in the centre of Bassano.

The owner is a young entrepreneur from the Veneto region who loves beauty, art, and the cuisine of his local area.


City: Bassano
Location: Private House
Kitchen Line: Ego

After having searched for a long time, he finally established his home and sanctuary in the historic centre of Bassano, just a short walk from the banks of the River Brenta.

It was an opportunity not to be missed, also because his residence is surrounded by a large green private space. It was exactly what he was looking for… a home in the centre that gave him and his wife the chance to welcome guests and dine in the garden.

The garden is the main feature of the home

The owner and his wife were so fond of their garden that they entrusted its care to one of the largest Italian landscape architects’ studios – Pejrone from Turin – and, in particular, Alberto Fusari, who recreated a space that combines extreme beauty with the utmost practicality.

The homeowners’ first request was that “The garden has to be lived in every day by the family…”

The house has three floors. On the ground floor there is a living room with a large kitchen overlooking the garden and the bedrooms are on the upper floor. There is also a practical basement with exposed brick vaulting.

The furnishings are simple, with only a few elements, all chosen with extreme care by the owner, who is a design lover. White dominates throughout, together with the warm honey colour of the knotted parquet, whose large boards cover the living room and bedroom floors.

The second main feature is the Ego kitchen by Abimis

Both the entrepreneur and his wife love great food and wanted a professional-type kitchen for their home in Bassano.

They wanted a designer kitchen that also offers professional performance. A functional, ergonomic and – above all – beautiful kitchen that fit with the furnishings in the home, with its extremely elegant furniture and accessories.

This is why they chose a stainless steel kitchen by Abimis and, in particular, a kitchen from the Ego line , which features a compact shape and a rounded, ‘50s design. They chose a kitchen in stainless steel which has been orbitally polished by hand with an irregular, matt finish whose beauty derives from the long, patient artisan craftsmanship of the surfaces.

The kitchen was divided into three separate, independent elements. An Ego kitchen under the large window houses the washing-up area and has a lovely view over the greenery of the garden.
On the side are a series of practical steel hooks from the A-GGANCIO line by Abimis to hold tea towels, oven gloves or anything else you need to keep at hand.

On the opposite side is an Ego column, with a spacious fridge, oven and pantry area.

On the walls in the middle is a third Ego monoblock with a cooking area and various drawer/containers.

The owners wanted a large, very well-equipped kitchen because, as keen gourmets, they love spending a lot of time making their favourite dishes and experimenting with new ones.
They make lunches, dinners and quick snacks that they eat in the garden as often as possible, weather permitting. This is also often in autumn, as the garden is protected by a high surrounding wall that creates a very pleasant microclimate.

“But the next main feature”, say the owners, “will be an outdoor kitchen. So we can finally cook in the open air and our outdoor living-kitchen area will be truly complete”!


Abimis solutions perfectly reflect the original concept for which they were conceived: a professional-grade product devised for domestic settings that is both functional and designer.

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