An outdoor kitchen in Patras

We are in Patras, Greece’s third-largest city; a thriving city which has always been a major trade centre mid-way between East and West. 


City: Patrasso
Location: Casa privata
Kitchen line: Ego

If you take the Ionian Sea coast road for about twenty kilometres out of town heading South, you will reach a quiet residential complex set in greenery, comprising solely modern single-storey architectures.
It is specifically in one of these villas that a young couple of entrepreneurs have decided to spend their weekends. Alone, or surrounded by their many friends. 

Since their home in the city, a historic building in the centre of Patras, doesn’t have a garden, the two Greek spouses asked an architect friend of theirs to design what they refer to as their “pied-à-terre by the sea”.

The new house, which overlooks the Gulf of Patras, is small in size but it is surrounded by a large, shaded garden. A minimalist space for the sleeping quarters, but plenty of space to enjoy the outdoors and host guests. Indeed, the interior of the house only features one bedroom, equipped with a small spa, and a living room that opens up completely onto the garden. Outside, beneath a large portico, are the dining area and an outdoor kitchen.

This was exactly what the couple wanted. On the one hand, a welcoming refuge to relax in, at home, in the garden or in the pool, far from the hustle and bustle of the city. On the other, a home designed to welcome lots of friends, to organise al fresco dinners or parties.

This is why the young Greek entrepreneurs decided to install a kitchen from the Ego line by Abimis under the portico. A stainless steel kitchen, a material that is particularly recommended for outdoor use since it is resistant to knocks, to moisture and humidity and to sudden changes in temperature. It is a material with smooth surfaces that are extremely easy to clean.

Since the kitchen is located near the swimming pool and just a stone’s throw from the sea, Abimis made it in AISI 316 stainless steel. This is a special metal alloy, which is richer in molybdenum, making it particularly resistant to corrosion. And also in settings such as this one, which is rich in salty sea air and chlorine.

Ego by Abimis is a line of professionally-derived kitchens. In other words, a kitchen that teams the superior performance levels of a professional kitchen with the impeccable, sophisticated design of household kitchens.

The Ego line stands out for its flush-fitting doors with rounded profiles and without visible hinges . This is a very practical solution for outdoor kitchens, since it prevents dust and dirt from building up. For the same reason, the kitchen was assembled and welded on-site, so as to avoid any gaps or visible joints on the top or between the various storage modules.

What’s more, the kitchen was ordered with the orbitally polished finish by hand, a matt-look processing, which is extremely practical and functional and conceals tiny scratches. Just the thing for an outdoor solution!

Thanks to their complete and functional outdoor kitchen, the couple can prepare a quick lunch, pre-dinner drinks and appetizers or more elaborate dinners for their numerous guests, while remaining with them at all times.
Because when the kitchen is released from the constraints of being simply a “service area” and shifts to the centre of the action, even preparing food becomes an enjoyable sociable ritual.


Abimis solutions perfectly reflect the original concept for which they were conceived: a professional-grade product devised for domestic settings that is both functional and designer.

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