Three “Atelier Professional” kitchens by Abimis in Zurich

Abimis has supplied three kitchens from the Atelier Professional line for the headquarters of the TX Group, the largest Swiss publishing group and owner of several newspapers, weeklies and online platforms. One of its best known media outlets is the historic Tages Anzeiger newspaper, founded in Zurich in 1893.


City: Courmayeur
Location: Private House
Kitchen Line: Atelier

To celebrate 130 years of the leading Swiss newspaper, the publisher entrusted the architects Anna Paola Supino from Architektur APS GmbH and Jörg Schwarzburg, Schwarzburg Architekten AG with a major renovation project of the headquarters and editorial offices.

Renovation of the editorial offices and communal areas

In addition to the arrangement of all the work spaces, the publisher also wanted to create several recreational areas for journalists and information workers comprising communal spaces with relaxation areas and coffee/dining areas equipped with kitchens for the employees’ meals.

Having to be used daily by the staff, who alternate in the editorial department over several shifts, the kitchenettes needed to be not only practical and functional, but also very robust.
The architects had in mind an industrial type of kitchen, a bit like those of company canteens, but in a more compact version and with a more refined design.
In terms of material, they identified stainless steel, a metal alloy that is resistant to impact and scratches, naturally antibacterial and easy to clean. Therefore perfect for communal areas and frequent use.
Finally, a kitchen that could be used on a daily basis by the individual employees. A practical and functional place where everyone could heat up food for a quick meal, use the refrigerators and make a cup of hot tea or coffee. Finally, a place for washing the dishes and crockery and putting them away in the appropriate containers.

Googling an industrial steel kitchen

But whereas the type of kitchen was clear in the designers’ minds, it wasn’t as clear for them where to find one that comprised all these characteristics.
So in their search they relied on what is considered to be the world’s largest and most reliable source of information: search engines.
They Googled the key phrase: “Industrial steel kitchen” and the first listing was Abimis, with its Article on industrial kitchens.

In the preview there were also photos of two achievements: the mirror-polished Ego kitchen that Abimis created for a Florentine residence and an Ego kitchen by Abimis in hand-orbitally finished steel, made for a historic residence in Stockholm.

After reading the article on semi-professional kitchens and seeing the photos of the achievements, the architects were sure to have found the product they were looking for.
And they immediately contacted Abimis to define, together with the company’s technicians, the best solution for the design needs.

The Abimis Professional Atelier line

The final choice fell on the Abimis Atelier Professional line. A kitchen model made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel and with a particularly refined design.

Atelier Professional kitchens are fully customizable, and are specially intended for in-house cafés, bars and small company canteens. Their minimalist design and attention to detail also make them perfect as a boardroom kitchen, in corporate restaurants for top management and executive guests.

For the TX Group headquarters, the designers designed and ordered 3 kitchens from the Atelier Professional collection, one for each floor. Very similar in function and size, the three kitchens are different from each other to adapt perfectly to the different spaces that host them.

In addition to the beauty and quality of its kitchens, the architects chose Abimis for two other reasons, which are fundamental to them. For the ability of the Veneto-based company to produce fully customized kitchens, which follow the designers’ drawing to the centimetre, and for the possibility of delivering them anywhere in the world, including assembly and testing.

Smart solutions for a more enjoyable and relaxing kitchen

The three kitchens in the Atelier Professional range by Abimis were chosen in hand-orbitally polished steel, a satin finish that protects them more from fingerprints and possible scratches. 
Like all Abimis kitchens – both domestic and professional – also these were made in-house and then welded directly on site. The idea is to create a functional space, easy to use and at the same time beautiful to look at. A kitchen without visible cuts or joints; dangerous dirt collectors difficult to clean and sanitize. This solution is perfect for the home, but even more so for public places.

All the kitchens in the TX Group have a double sink integrated into the large worktop, and have been equipped with brass handles for both the doors and drawers and containers designed for crockery and kitchen accessories.

To make these spaces even warmer and more welcoming, the architects chose to place the three kitchens in a place semi-hidden from view but not isolated or sacrificed because of this. In fact, they wanted to install them right opposite the large glass walls of the building, which flood them with light and offer those who use them a spectacular view of the Swiss city skyline.
The kitchens, which also lean against a wall, are surmounted by a large oval porthole. A way of separating them ideally from the dining area without however isolating them completely.

A solution that allows the staff on all three floors to make the most of every relaxing moment. Increasing quality of life, personal satisfaction and therefore employee productivity.

Photos: ©Davide Galli Atelier, Milan


Abimis solutions perfectly reflect the original concept for which they were conceived: a professional-grade product devised for domestic settings that is both functional and designer.

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