An Abimis kitchen overlooking Lake Lugano

We’re on the shores of Lake Lugano. It is here, in these enchanting natural surroundings, that a young couple decided to set up home.
A few years ago, the owners came across this charming house, whose garden is reflected in the lake, and they instantly knew that this was the place where they would like to live and raise their children.


City: Lugano
Location: Private house
Kitchen line: Ego

After some serious renovation work, redesigning every room in the house, the owners had lots of fun choosing the furniture, with interior design being one of their real passions in life, together with great food.
In particular, this young couple, with their love for furniture and Italian design, wanted to surround themselves with the most beautiful items from their impressive collection. From iconic vintage pieces dating back to the 50s and 60s, to some famous examples of contemporary design.
With regard to their second passion in life, these food lovers specifically wanted a kitchen that could meet two essential requirements.
It had to be high-performance, so they could enjoy preparing extremely complex and sophisticated dishes, and it had to have great aesthetic impact, blending in with the style and design of the rest of the home.

A stainless steel kitchen with a matt black finish

The couple chose an Ego kitchen by Abimis, as this model was able to meet both of their requirements.
In fact, this is a professionally-derived kitchen, offering the same characteristics as a restaurant kitchen, without compromising on design.
Ego kitchens are built with great craftsmanship, paying the utmost attention to detail and offering incredibly high levels of performance. A kitchen created based on the extensive international experience of Prisma, the leading company in the world of professional kitchens, but designed specifically for the home.
Ego is also a bespoke and completely customisable kitchen. These tailor-made kitchens can be designed down to the last centimetre, meaning they can adapt to any project, style and room. This makes each kitchen unique and one of a kind.
In this case, considering the relatively small size of the room, the owners opted for a compact yet complete and efficient stainless steel kitchen. Beautiful to look at and wonderful to use.

This is why they chose the Ego model, with its characteristic bevelled flush doors, perfectly integrated into the structure, and invisible hinge (patented by Abimis), offering great aesthetic impact.
They also chose the black satin-effect finish. This colour was applied to the stainless steel doors through a very elaborate process. In fact, to make the finish more resistant to scratches and wear and tear, Abimis uses the same painting techniques used in the automotive industry for its kitchens.

The worktop, splashback and handles, on the other hand, are made from orbitally hand-polished stainless steel. The same finish is applied to the large, professional extractor hood and the recessed socle, representing important ergonomic details that really make the Ego range stand out.
Matt black and orbitally polished stainless steel. An extremely elegant, contrasting colour combination with a great visual impact, giving this kitchen a strong and decisive character.
The Ego kitchen has therefore become the star of the living area. A piece of furniture that matches the most important items of Italian design that surround it, perfectly blending in with them.
Behind the kitchen, separated by large openings, there is the dining area with large windows overlooking the lake. Here in the garden, where the children are free to run around during the day, the couple often hosts parties for their friends in the evening.
The owners almost always prepare dinner for their guests themselves. However, they also sometimes treat themselves to the small luxury of inviting a chef to cook in their home, to surprise their guests. A Michelin-starred chef whose work is made easier by a kitchen that offers the highest professional standards, allowing him to prepare different dishes each time for them and their friends.


Abimis solutions perfectly reflect the original concept for which they were conceived: a professional-grade product devised for domestic settings that is both functional and designer.