An ABIMIS kitchen amongst Milan’s skyscrapers

To plan this kind of solution, you need to be extremely passionate about cooking! Indeed, the owner of this property, located in the beating heart of Milan’s business district, is a real gourmet and has long cultivated his passion for good cuisine…
So much so that this super-equipped Atelier Abimis kitchen has become the star of the show in his new house.
But let’s take a step back…


City: Milano
Location: Casa privata
Kitchen Line: Atelier

We’re in Piazza della Repubblica, the beating heart of Lombardy’s capital, where a young Milanese entrepreneur has chosen to put down roots. After looking for accommodation suitable for him and his family, he purchased this spectacular attic and super-attic with a panoramic terrace, which offers a breath-taking view of the skyscrapers in Milan’s financial hub.

The property features floor-to-ceiling glass windows. In addition to flooding light into all rooms, these windows offer an incomparable view of the city and its bright lights. The height of the attic, which extends over the 7th and 8th floor of a building constructed in the 70s, conveys a real sense of peace, given its distance from the chaotic foot traffic.

The apartment is split into two separate areas

This apartment had not undergone any modernisation since it was first built. This is why the new owner started a new restructuring project which has radically transformed the indoor spaces. He knocked down walls, moved others, created spaces which better met his contemporary needs and chose modern materials and furnishings.

He chose the super-attic on the lower floor for his new living area. The higher floor was rearranged to accommodate two separate spacious living spaces. A space suitable for welcoming guests, organising dinners and parties with friends and hosting clients − and a more intimate, gathered space, where he can peacefully enjoy his daily routines with his wife and two children. This second private living space − which is completely separate from the former − is made up of a dining area, a reading-TV area and a play area for kids.

The link between the public and private spaces is the tailor-made Abimis kitchen, completely made out of stainless steel.

The tailor-made stainless steel kitchen

As we were saying, the owner is passionate about cooking… this is why he has chosen to place this room in a key part of the property… in the “heart of the home”.
As a food enthusiast, he wanted a professional-style kitchen. A semi-professional style kitchen, which is both ergonomic and functional; in other words, one that guarantees the same performances of kitchens in big restaurants, but it is purposely designed for home spaces. The perfect solution for people wanting to combine a contemporary design with high-level performances.
The choice inevitably fell on Atelier di Abimis. A stainless steel kitchen, designed with great attention to detail and hand crafted by Abimis.

The project presents two separate areas. One operational space, which is fully separate, and made of satinised steel. A second service area, connected to the first one through a spacious serving hatch, that extends into the living area.

The most “operational” part of the kitchen hosts areas dedicated to preparing, preserving, cooking and cleaning food. This space is not particularly big but features many details and has been tailored down to the finest detail.
To guarantee maximum hygiene in the kitchen, here everything is made in stainless steel. Not only containers, the top, refrigerated furniture and Frigo 2000 appliances, the shelf bearing pans reminiscent of kitchens in the big hotels… The floors, walls and red ceiling are also made of steel and feature LED light strips. In order to create a chromatic connection and to give the kitchen a certain flair, even the handles of the hobs and oven have been painted red.

This is where the owner loves to put on his chef’s apron and let his cooking passion run wild. Here, he can free his mind, after a day at work, dedicating his time to preparing food. However, in order to fully relax, everything needs to be perfect, functional and easy to access. And it’s only in a “tailor-made” kitchen designed around your needs and cooking habits that this can happen… 


Abimis solutions perfectly reflect the original concept for which they were conceived: a professional-grade product devised for domestic settings that is both functional and designer.

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