Abimis: for 10 years, the best of stainless steel kitchens

In July 2023, ABIMIS reached an important milestone: its “first” 10 years. A decade full of success and professional satisfaction.

10 years of life, 40 years of experience

Indeed, Abimis was founded in 2013 based on the experience of Prisma, a leading company with a 40-year history in the production of professional kitchens, bar counters, equipment for the preparation, storage and display of food and beverages made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel.
Since it was founded, Abimis has specialised in the production of the best designer kitchens made of stainless steel.
They are semi-professional kitchens. Kitchens offering the same performance as the best restaurants, but designed for home use. Not only indoor kitchens, but also real semi-professional outdoor kitchens, to cook outdoors too in every season, with the same quality guaranteed by all Abimis kitchens.
The Veneto-based company decided to celebrate this important anniversary by having a big party with its team of employees and partners. “My big family”, as Silvano Ongaro, founder of the company, said in his speech.

MR. Ongaro’s speech

After reminding everyone that his company is his home, his team of employees his pride and the partners his extended family, the founder Silvano Ongaro wanted to personally thank his daughter Anna who for 10 years, with great commitment, passion and enthusiasm, has firmly held the reins of the company.

Two companies, one great team

And in fact, the “great team” of PRISMA and ABIMIS is made up of over 140 people who, together with their families, animated the 10th anniversary party held in Treviso.
An “extended” family not only because of the number of members, but also because of the many nationalities that represent it.

A large space dedicated to children

The event also included moments dedicated to the children of the employees, with organised games, entertainment areas and a large corner set up with different activities for the little ones and lots of colourful balloons…

10 years of great satisfaction

And today, after only 10 years, Abimis kitchens furnish the most beautiful homes in the world: from Rome to Milan, from London to New York, from Paris to Dubai…
But, as Silvano Ongaro pointed out: “the past represents our history and it is good and right to remember it. But it shouldn’t take over. It is tomorrow that has to be the main focus and that must help us to set ourselves new goals. And help us to reach them.”

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