A mesmerising game of mirrors

Abimis, a leader in designing and building professionally-derived stainless steel kitchens , confirms its international calling.

It does so by partnering up with one of the biggest firms in New York: the Bonetti Kozerski architecture studio. Indeed, the Italian brand was chosen for a highly prestigious project. The refurbishment of a luxury apartment on the famous Fifth Avenue. An entirely glazed apartment which, from the 39th floor, boasts breath-taking views over the Manhattan skyline.


City: New York
Location: Private House
Kitchen line: Ego

The designers at Bonetti Kozerski tended to every single detail: from the distribution of space to the choice of interiors, genuine icons of design, through to the selection of original contemporary artworks.

In such a highly sophisticated context, the architects decided to introduce a kitchen from the Ego line by Abimis. A small yet very alluring kitchen which was designed with the consultancy of experts from the Veneto-based company.

Despite the fact that the available space was rather limited, the kitchen proves to be extremely functional, making the most of every nook and cranny. This is also thanks to the painstaking design that teamed the creativity of the New York architects with the all-Italian tailoring expertise of Abimis. A perfect pairing that made it possible to introduce all the advantages of a professionally-derived kitchen in a small setting.

The cooking block and the washing block were arranged opposite one another, while a system of tall units, with customised storage modules, covers the other two walls from floor to ceiling.

The choice of a kitchen with polished mirror finish stainless steel also proved a winning strategy to make the setting appear bigger and brighter.

The mirror finish on the walls too creates an extraordinary game of reflections and suggestions which turn this small kitchen into a genuine gem.

The scenic effect of the Ego kitchen, made to measure and customised for this scenic apartment, is definitely impressive and proves the bespoke tailoring abilities of Abimis. The various household appliances were skilfully built into the kitchen modules, so they disappear from view. All the doors were made with the typical flush bevelling, fully integrated into the structure.

To follow the instructions provided by the Bonetti Kozerski studio, Abimis also integrated a small refrigerated wine cellar into the kitchen, fitted beneath a practical open compartment where stemmed glasses and accessories can be arranged.

The exclusive recessed plinth of Abimis kitchens, which is an ergonomic solution that makes for more flexibility and leg room, was illuminated to make the cooking block appear lighter, and to enhance the styling value of the entire composition.

On this occasion too, the brand placed all its expertise in the hands of its customers, dedicating all their attention to every phase of the project: from concept to production and construction. Abimis supported them by devising bespoke solutions, finding the most suitable solution to every specific requirement.

The kitchen was built by Abimis in its production plants, pre-assembled and tested by its engineers, then transported and assembled on site. All the elements were then welded, finished and trimmed on site, so as to guarantee the finest styling and the best functional results.

Abimis has taken the beauty and uniqueness of professionally-derived stainless steel kitchens into the heart of Manhattan. The perfect kitchen for any type of home, from traditional houses to contemporary lofts; from seaside villas or mountain chalets to major metropolitan skyscrapers. A type of kitchen for which Abimis is the ambassador across Italy and all over the world.


Abimis solutions perfectly reflect the original concept for which they were conceived: a professional-grade product devised for domestic settings that is both functional and designer.

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