The kitchen of a young chef in Milan

Brought together by a shared passion for food…

She is a successful chef from Campania.
He is a financial consultant. They met a few years ago in her restaurant. He first fell in love with her food, and then with her, the chef… They got married after one year.
They now have two young children and a new home, recently refurbished, in the Porta Venezia neighbourhood.


City: Milano
Location: Private House
Kitchen Line: Atelier

A home designed for work and everyday life

When they decided to live together, they chose this strategic position in the heart of Milan. The dwelling, an apartment from the 1970s, was large enough for the family.
They involved an architect friend of theirs in the refurbishment project, with a single briefing request. To design a warm and welcoming home for the family.

A home designed to enjoy a peaceful everyday life together with their children, but also a place where they can both work, when necessary, with complete peace of mind.

So the designer thought of a rational organisation of space. Aided by the layout of the apartment over two floors, he divided the home into separate areas. The communal living room, the bedroom area, a children’s wing and a wing for the husband’s study.
The only thing left to do was to work out the wife’s workspace: the kitchen…

The ideal kitchen? Professional, but for everyday use!

The solution was found in partnership with Abimis, thanks to whose advice the designer was able to come up with a space that combined the needs and performance levels of a professional kitchen with the style and design of a household kitchen.

An Atelier kitchen by Abimis divided up into 3 separate areas

The choice fell on the Atelier kitchen. This is a professionally-derived kitchen, made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel, which offers superior performance levels. A kitchen that is entirely bespoke using stainless steel which has been orbitally polished by hand, and so with a particularly warm and silky touch and appearance.

To combine maximum professional functionality with the practicality of a household kitchen, the kitchen was divided up into 3 separate areas. Up against the wall, a large existing cooking and washing block was customised with a stainless steel top and topped by a professional hood recessed flush into the ceiling.

In the centre of the kitchen, under the scenic spiral staircase leading to the upper floor, stands a large island, also made of orbitally polished stainless steel, which has a dual purpose: sociable and professional. At certain times of the day, it brings the family together for breakfast and quick snacks, thanks also to its top which can be used as a table. At other times of the day it turns into a large work surface, where the chef can cook and experiment with her new recipes with the utmost freedom…

An ultra high-tech retro-style sideboard

Last but not least, leaning against a side wall, a large tall unit element plays host to the oven, refrigerators, larder and a small wine cellar. This too is a hybrid solution, which the architect wanted to introduce to conceal a series of professional appliances inside a cabinet with a more “domestic” appearance. To lighten up the design and add a touch of style to this element, instead of modern “groove” openings, the designer opted for more traditional brass handles.

A series of impeccable styling solutions that transform this functional, ultra high-tech element into a sort of display cabinet-sideboard with a slightly retro look. In fact, it liaises in perfect harmony with the nearby wooden bar cabinet: a modern antique piece dating back to the Fifties.

This makes the kitchen simply perfect for the needs of a chef and at the same time to enjoy everyday domestic life in welcoming and familiar surroundings.
The home-owner can therefore share, almost without interruption, her time between her sophisticated haute cuisine experiments, fine dining with her friends and simpler, healthier and tasty dishes for her children.


Abimis solutions perfectly reflect the original concept for which they were conceived: a professional-grade product devised for domestic settings that is both functional and designer.

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