An Abimis kitchen for Acciaierie Venete

Abimis created a kitchen for the management of Acciaierie Venete, one of the biggest and most prestigious Italian industrial steelworks.


City: Padova
Location: Acciaierie Venete
Kitchen Line: Atelier

The flagship of national production, the Veneto-based company produces 1,800,000 tonnes of steel each year. A top-quality material, resulting from ongoing research, and processed using state-of-the-art technological systems.

An executive representation kitchen

The company wanted to create a dining area for its management. A place to welcome “executive” guests, to organise work meetings and corporate lunches, but also more sociable moments such as small events.

In short, a small but flexible executive canteen. An area equipped as a kitchen which is not just functional and suitable for the various activities organised by the company, but also and above all one that is attractive and features a design that best reflects the brand philosophy.

And so, when the decision was made to create this second representation kitchen, the choice could not fall upon anything but a stainless steel model. And naturally, as the supplier, another Veneto-based excellence was picked. Abimis, a company which has made stainless steel kitchens its flagship.

The designers at Acciaierie Venete worked side by side with Abimis engineers to develop this large L-shaped kitchen, situated on the top floor of the building.

Indeed, one of the two walls had an irregular surface due to two different-sized pillars. One in the corner and another in the middle of the wall, between the two windows. This detail affected the development of the kitchen to a great extent.

A bespoke project, devised with painstaking care down to the smallest detail

The design was tailor-made down to the nearest millimetre and in fact succeeded in incorporating the two pillars within the base unit and the kitchen top.

A 12 cm stainless steel backsplash, which follows the perimeter of the wall to perfection, designs the boundary between the top and the wall, highlighting in a discrete yet evident manner the complexity of the overall project.
The kitchen is developed along two adjoining walls. The first plays host to two tall refrigerator units and one with the ovens, in addition to the practical cutlery drawer unit.

The second wall instead accommodates a low structure which integrates several functional areas. On the left, the larder unit and the food preparation area. On the right, the cooking area with a hood and an induction job and lastly the washing area, with a sink and dishwasher.

A kitchen welded on site

The kitchen, in satin finish stainless steel, was pre-assembled and tested at the Abimis laboratories, and was then installed, welded and finished off on site. The result is extraordinary: a single element, the front of which is perfectly in-line, whereas the rear follows the irregular profile of the wall in detail.
The designers also placed immense focus on the design of the top. The top extends and incorporates the window sill of the two windows, which therefore appear to be an actual part of the kitchen.


Abimis solutions perfectly reflect the original concept for which they were conceived: a professional-grade product devised for domestic settings that is both functional and designer.

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