An Abimis kitchen on the coast of Cap Martin

A pair of French industrialists who are passionate about cooking and the sea, recently decided to refurbish this enchanting villa in Biarritz, in close proximity to the border with Spain.


City: Biarritz
Location: Private house
Kitchen Line: Atelier

He is from Bordeaux and she comes from a town perched on the French Pyrenees. They met right on these beaches, where their respective families came during the summer. Once a whale fishermen’s village which became a favourite holiday destination of the empress Eugénie and now a world-famous seaside resort, Biarritz has never lost that rather simple and concurrently wild personality over the years.

The call of the Ocean

Avid young surfers, the two used to meet up with their friends in Cap Martin to ride the impetuous waves of the Atlantic ocean. A summer ritual which they repeated for many years, even once they were married, until their first daughter was born. Now they have 3 children who have all grown up, but the call of the waves never ceased to echo within them…

So, when the wife recently inherited the family seaside home, the couple decided to refurbish it and to take up old habits again…
Not so much the surfing – now it is mostly their children who have fun riding the waves – but the ritual of getting off work and making their way to their seaside home as quickly as possible.

An Atria stainless steel outdoor kitchen

The villa, which stretches over one floor only, is situated on a headland which dominates the ocean. It isn’t very big but it is surrounded by a large fenced garden, protected from the wind, which means it can be enjoyed whatever the season.
That’s why the two entrepreneurs, who are both expert chefs, decided to fit a second kitchen outside, up against the wall of the house.

They picked an outdoor kitchen from the Atria line by Abimis in stainless steel, which matches the understated and designer style of their recent refurbishment.

The Atria outdoor kitchen stands out for the fact that it is raised above the ground. This styling solution makes it slender and lighter, while at the same time functional: indeed, it proves extremely easy to clean.

A kitchen and a matching tall larder unit

This kitchen for outdoor use is small but extremely well equipped. It comprises a low cooking-washing module and a tall element with doors and open shelves, to store plates, glasses, tablecloths and a small larder for food and condiments.

Indeed, the Atria collection of outdoor kitchens affords the utmost flexibility and maximum customisation. The kitchen is tailor made to suit individual requests and space requirements. It can also be completed with a line of matching storage units, which are perfect for storing all your essentials. These are also 100% customisable, obviously.

With this solution, the home owners can take turns cooking without having to go indoors. But that’s not all. They can prepare their meals while chatting with their family or entertaining their friends, because the kitchen is located specifically between the open-air table and the sofa area.

Stainless steel with olive green details

As we mentioned, the kitchen is made entirely in stainless steel. A material that is extremely resistant to knocks, heat and humidity: it is practically eternal. This alloy is especially suitable for kitchens, especially outdoor kitchens, since it is anti-bacterial and extremely easy to clean.
To blend in with the style of the house, the owners picked the stainless steel with satin finish, which matches the concrete and wood wall against which the outdoor kitchen rests. The only touch of colour can be found on the handles, legs and open shelves in stainless steel which have been painted in a gentle shade of matt green. This particular colour recalls the local olive leaves which can be found in abundance.
Considering the proximity to the sea and since it is fitted just a few metres from the swimming pool, the Atria kitchen is made in AISI 316 stainless steel, a special alloy which is particularly resistant to chlorine and salt air.



Abimis solutions perfectly reflect the original concept for which they were conceived: a professional-grade product devised for domestic settings that is both functional and designer.

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