The elegance and functionality of the ego kitchen by Abimis in Stockholm

In an apartment in the centre of Stockholm, the Servabote architects practice decided to include an Ego kitchen further to enhance the value of the aesthetic styling that distinguishes the interiors of this particular project.

The surface area spans 290 square metres refurbished.


City: Stockholm 
Location: Private House
Kitchen line: Ego

A style that teams contemporary taste with more traditional features

For their Swedish apartment, they picked a style that teams contemporary taste with more traditional and natural features, such as the use of wood for the flooring and the large table placed right at the centre of the space.

The bold, modern personality of the premises can be found in the choice of stainless steel kitchen, which made it possible to include the excellence, technology and reliability of ABIMIS solutions within the project.


The elegance of the ego kitchen immediately stands out

In the dining area of the home, all the elegance of the Ego kitchen immediately stands out, with its characteristic rounded edges that lend the surroundings a sophisticated yet at the same time bold personality. The EGO kitchen in this case consists of a single stainless steel block that supports the tops which are incorporated directly into the module.

The module is also completed with two vertical refrigerated tall units which, in order to accommodate the special requirements due to the space restrictions, were custom-made to fill a corner while at the same time ensuring they remained fully functional.

The Abimis cold control system

These tall units are equipped with the Cold Control System, the technological innovation by ABIMIS comprising refrigerated tall units that can be fully customised. The appeal of the composition therefore stems from the use of the stainless steel finish, from the design of the two elements making up the EGO system, whose sinuous silhouettes accentuate the soft and sophisticated feel of the entire setting.


A blend of tradition and modernity

Opposite the kitchen block stands a generously-sized wooden table, complete with chairs that are the perfect match – in terms of “rust” hue and texture – for the ceiling lamp, the kitchen model tap, and also the padded parts of the delightful sofa set up in the corner with a view of the window.

A blend of tradition and modernity distinguishes the kitchen in this apartment, for which the owners did not want to forego the functional aspects. They therefore included the very best and finest technical, styling and functionality levels in their home.



Abimis solutions perfectly reflect the original concept for which they were conceived: a professional-grade product devised for domestic settings that is both functional and designer.

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