A new outdoor configuration set in the midst of nature in Friuli

The latest concepts of contemporary architecture and interior design increasingly consider the outdoor space to be a natural extension of the interiors; indeed, this new project accomplished in Udine specifically embraces this concept. It is a project that sees technology and design by ABIMIS setting a distance from the traditional confines of the domestic settings to join and blend in seamlessly with nature, becoming its new star feature and an integral part thereof.


City: Udine
Location: Casa privata
Kitchen line: Atelier – Outdoor

A practical solution with a very original styling

The owners of this villa set in the countryside outside Udine opted for a practical solution with a very original styling, which took the kitchen outside the confines of the domestic walls. Thus the extensive grounds surrounding the villa are the stage for a kitchen from the ATELIER line produced in the blue finish version, which not only conveys its strikingly simple silhouettes and sophisticated design but also carries all the added values of ABIMIS solutions outside.

The specific features of the brand philosophy remain unchanged also in the products conceived and produced for outdoor use, as in this case, first and foremost with the prevalent use of AISI 316 stainless steel, the valuable ‘super alloy’ which is also resistant to atmospheric agents, and recommended for use in salty air or chlorine-rich environments, as well as being recyclable.

Not just high technology and optimisation of space

Not just high technology and optimisation of space to allow the attainment of the best performance levels outdoors too: with ABIMIS solutions, products can be customised to the full, each time accommodating the customer’s individual requirements, including aesthetic styling, without compromising on technical, environmental and space-related requirements.

The bespoke tailoring aspect which makes ABIMIS kitchens unique and one of a kind is thus also confirmed outdoors, as in this case, where the blue finish was picked, to recall the natural colours of the sky. Indeed, this kitchen intended for outdoor use can be customised in every detail, starting with the composition and accessories, through to the height and depth of the worktop and the recessed plinth, or the type of household appliances: grill, hotplates, etc. The finishes can also be customised with other materials, both natural and non, treated to guarantee safety, durability and resistance, even when subjected to the effects of time and the more aggressive effects of bad weather.


Professionalism and hygiene complete this project

Professionalism and hygiene complete this project too: Abimis kitchens are devised to facilitate cleaning activities as much as possible. The storage compartments with pull-out surfaces can be accessorised in some cases with refrigerated elements or heated elements in this version placed outdoors as well.

This completed project emphasises a new trend which sees the presence of kitchens outdoors, no longer mere barbecue stations, but fully-fledged multi-accessorised amenities devised to enjoy the benefits of the open air in the company of one’s guests, also while preparing and cooking food.


Abimis solutions perfectly reflect the original concept for which they were conceived: a professional-grade product devised for domestic settings that is both functional and designer.