An Ego kitchen by Abimis plays the starring role in this villa set in the Veneto countryside.

We are at the foot of Treviso’s hills, one of the most enchanting venues in North-Eastern Italy. A pleasant and smiling place, defined as early as the 13th Century as a “Joyous and loving region” owing to the restful beauty of its places. Indeed, it was for this reason that it was chosen as a holiday destination by the nobility of the “Serenissima” Republic of Venice.

Perfectly aware of the beauty and virtues of this land, the owner of this spectacular villa also decided to set up his home here.


City: Treviso
Location: Private house
Kitchen line: Ego

Cucina in acciaio inox

A few years ago, as he was walking around the Marca Trevigiana, he discovered an old farmhouse surrounded by vineyards; he fell in love with it and decided to refurbish it. This was the start of major restoration work which retained the existing architectural features and incorporated them seamlessly into contemporary solutions and elements. The large external brick portico that surrounds the house has been painted white. The old beams on the ceiling have been restored to their former glory. The flooring, on the other hand, in order to create a contrast between old and modern, has been laid in resin in a warm shade of “burned soil”.

Large glazed walls make the interiors extremely bright and create visual continuity between the indoors and the outdoors. The windows and doors are sliding, so they can be opened up completely. This is a way to expand the space during the warmer weather and enjoy the portico and the surrounding garden as if they were genuine outdoor rooms.

Vineyards are reflected in the Ego kitchen in mirror finish stainless steel

Cucina in acciaio inox

The kitchen, as is often the case in Italian homes, is the true heart of the home. It was deliberately placed in a privileged part of the home. A corner setting, with a portico and dual exposure, so as to offer the utmost brightness and an enchanting glimpse of the greenery outside.
Here the owner, a professional chef, wanted to install an Ego model kitchen by Abimis. Ego is a professionally-derived kitchen that combines high-end performance levels with impeccable design, devised specifically for the home.

Like all stainless steel kitchens by Abimis, this one has also been completely tailor-made, in order to accommodate the owner’s requirements and his need for space. All of which designed and co-ordinated by the creativity of the designers.

The back wall of the kitchen has been exploited along its entire length with a single block, in turn split into two functional areas. On the left, the area dedicated to washing and preparing food. The stainless steel sink, which is perfectly integrated into the structure, is topped by a practical shelf, which is also in stainless steel. On the right, two generous tall units house the oven and the larder area with Abimis storage modules.

Cucina in acciaio inox

In the middle of the kitchen, the large island with an integrated professional hob is topped by a generously-sized professional hood. The surface of the stainless steel top is perfectly smooth: without any welding, overlapping or differences in height which would compromise not only the aesthetic styling, but also its functionality and easy cleaning. For the same reason, the doors on the island are handle-free and instead feature push-pull opening. Beneath the top, on the inside, a large open-fronted compartment plays host to the necessary cookware.

Like all the kitchens in the Ego collection, this one also features the special ergonomic recessed plinth, which allows greater usability of the worktops and storage units. The bevelled flush doors are fitted with concealed hinging pivots that are patented by Abimis, so as to be perfectly integrated into the structure.

Cucina in acciaio inox
Cucina in acciaio inox

The wall-mounted kitchen block is made of stainless steel that has been orbitally polished by hand, with matching handles in polished stainless steel.

Another classy touch by the designers: in agreement with the owner, the central island is in polished mirror finish stainless steel. This solution was devised specifically to create a game of reflections with the kitchen windows and with the rows of vineyards that surround the villa.