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Thanks to the latest trend which sees kitchens being fitted outdoors, whether this is in a garden or under a gazebo, that annoying slalom in and out of your home carrying hot plates, precariously balanced glasses and with your tablecloth slung over your shoulder will be a thing of the past, as will the tiresome comings and goings with pots and kitchenware, leaving just what you need indoors and only remembering it once you have finally sat down.

Outdoor spaces, especially in warmer weather, are a natural extension of your indoor home: French doors opening onto a courtyard, a garden or an impeccably organised terrace, the utmost care having been taken with the tiling and all architectural barriers decidedly broken down. If you abandon the idea of an outdoor kitchen solely as a barbecuing, grilling or rotisserie station, an outdoor kitchen is a multi-functional facility devised to benefit from all the advantages of the open air and the company of your guests, as well as for the primary goal of eating al fresco.

An idea by Abimis becomes a reality at the Salone del Mobile

On the occasion of the 57th edition of the Salone del Mobile, which is scheduled to take place from 17th until 22nd April in Milan, Abimis is launching a genuine novelty that is soon to join its product catalogue, i.e. the outdoor kitchen.

Abimis will be presenting its kitchens for outdoor settings officially for the first time at the Salone del Mobile, despite the fact that this trend has already been interpreted in the past by the brand, but solely on demand. Outdoor kitchens are the ideal solution to furnish a terrace or garden in a functional and convenient way, and they can be adapted perfectly for private outdoor settings, thereby constituting the ideal solution for fans of al fresco cooking and dining.

The characteristics of Abimis outdoor kitchens

Abimis outdoor kitchens are made of stainless steel, which is a sturdy and hard-wearing material, combined with other materials such as stone or wood that undergoes specific treatment to protect it from exposure to seasonal weather. Abimis outdoor kitchens retain all the characteristics true to the brand philosophy, in other words the extensive use of AISI 316 Stainless Steel, the valuable ‘super alloy’ resistant to water, to sudden temperature changes and to atmospheric agents, which is particularly recommended for use in seaside environments exposed to high concentrations of salty air.

The market offers a host of outdoor kitchen models, and the most popular are definitely those made of stainless steel, although customers often prefer to combine this material with wood. Outdoor kitchens in fact offer a simple and striking silhouette, which can blend in seamlessly with the outdoor setting.

Despite the fact that settings just outside one’s home, such as a garden, terrace or portico, are subject to greater wear compared to a traditional indoor kitchen, Abimis has retained and developed the concept of painstaking care and customisation of its products. Indeed, this outdoor kitchen can also be customised in every detail, starting with the composition, the appliances or accessories supplied, and even the height and depth of the hob; without for that matter having to forego the durability and hard-wearing properties of the kitchen area thanks to the use of stainless steel.

In addition to the modern designs and undisputed product quality of Abimis, the brand’s absolute novelty has been supplemented by the practicality and convenience of kitchen use; indeed, Abimis fits its products with castors, which makes it considerably easier to move them. Abimis outdoor kitchens are devised to limit the presence of dirt and bacteria and to be easy to clean and to keep clean. Last but not least, the doors and drawers with pull-out surfaces make it possible to keep crockery intact, and they can be accessorised with refrigerated elements.

The stainless steel expertise of Prisma transferred to Abimis

Abimis kitchen production, supplemented by the expertise acquired over the years by Prisma, focuses on processing stainless steel, a material which holds no secrets for this expert Italian concern. The art of cutting, welding and plying are processes which have distinguished the Prisma brand over the years, qualifying its products as qualitatively impeccable. The expertise of Prisma in stainless steel was vital for Abimis kitchens with a stainless steel core. Indeed, the art of crafting stainless steel has enabled Abimis to produce tailor-made kitchens for domestic settings.

Even though Abimis as a company has stood on its own two feet for some time now, the foundations of Abimis stainless steel kitchens lie in Prisma, a Made in Italy company specialising in the production of entirely customisable products for more than thirty years. Every kitchen designed by Prisma pays the utmost attention to every individual aspect of the product, such as shape, design, practicality, safety and hygiene. Indeed, it is specifically this last feature which contributes to the growing market success of the Abimis brand, the utmost cleanliness and extreme hygiene of stainless steel give the kitchen all the properties of an extremely smart, innovative and functional product, capable of conveying the message of excellence Made in Italy.

The convenience and luxury of eating out

Inviting friends and family to lunch or dinner is lots of fun, and with an outdoor kitchen by Abimis it will be decidedly more fun and enjoyable to cook for your guests. Every Abimis design dedicated to an outdoor kitchen has two functions: one, essentially practical, is to cook, and the other is more aesthetic, that is to say to ensure constant dialogue between design and innovation.

For this reason, a stainless steel outdoor kitchen will prove popular among those who prefer a more modern style, whereas a kitchen clad in wood will meet the approval of a more traditional clientèle. Whether you have a generously proportioned poolside or a city terrace, or even a veranda on the rooftop of a city apartment building, Abimis outdoor kitchens can furnish all spaces with compact kitchen blocks or major multi-purpose chef’s workstations, perfect for a summer barbecue, an appetizer at sunset, an informal snack or an al fresco dinner on a special occasion.

The extreme functionality of Abimis stainless steel kitchens means cooking outdoors is very practical and convenient: the space dedicated to cooking, in other words for the hob and barbecue, can be entirely tailored to the customer’s specific requirements. Abimis designs and produces totally custom-made grills. The volumes and distinctive, non-invasive shapes of Abimis outdoor kitchens allow them to blend in with surrounding landscape, to play the starring role in your al fresco dining without foregoing efficiency and practicality in any way.

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