As temperatures rise, it is essential to make sure we’re storing our food properly. The importance of correct food handling should never be underestimated because, from the moment food is bought, its safety also depends on consumers managing it in an appropriate way.

Correctly storing food is also important to ensure that it maintains its nutritional properties, as well as its physical and chemical characteristics such as flavour, fragrance, appearance and consistency. In fact, unsuitable temperatures and surroundings can alter the qualitative and organoleptic properties of our food.


  • Industrial characteristics and compartments at different temperatures
  • Complete customisation in terms of finishes and configuration
  • Made completely from AISI 304 stainless steel, both inside and out
  • Flush doors and rounded corners, preventing dirt from accumulating and making cleaning easier
  • Maximum hygiene
  • Internal ventilation system
  • Compatible with the Gastronorm system
  • Extractable internal compartments
  • Minimum and maximum temperatures of the fridge: -2°C +8°C
  • Minimum and maximum temperatures of the freezer: -20°C -18°C

To satisfy all these requirements, Abimis technology has designed a product that stores food in the best way possible, preserving its nutritional properties: the Cold Control System. This is a technological programme made up of refrigeration columns that can be fully customised in terms of their finishes and configuration. These unique and sophisticated columns allow the temperature of the various compartments to be modulated and their status can be monitored at any time.

Thanks to the Cold Control System, which uses the same technology as large-scale catering solutions, Abimis allows the world of home cooking to take a step closer to the professional one. Abimis can guarantee that food stays fresh and is stored properly thanks to its range of top-performing devices that are characterised by a high level of technical reliability.

The Cold Control System is a “refrigerator” which is divided into individual compartments, all with a different temperature. These compartments are used to store and organise food properly: meat and fish, for example, can be kept separate from other foods to avoid any contamination. All the shelves in the system can be removed to ensure maximum accessibility and a better organisation of space. Lastly, an internal ventilation system guarantees that the temperature throughout each compartment remains constant.

The Cold Control System is characterised by a concise, minimal and elegant design. Its sinuous outline brings to mind the shapes of the iconic EGO model, keeping its identity intact, thanks to the use of a recyclable material such as stainless steel, which features in every product.

Abimis also deals with the issue of hygiene to meet even the highest standards in terms of quality and functionality: the flush and bevelled doors, without any sharp corners, prevent dirt from accumulating, making cleaning much easier. The Cold Control System also uses the Gastronorm system, involving standard sizes for containers, trays and other accessories from the world of catering, optimising the compartments and how the various food and utensils are used.

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