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The new show by Espai Rö entitled “Dalla Cucina alla tavola” (From kitchen to table), dedicated to the perfect merger of design and fine food, was inaugurated in Barcelona (carrer Muntaner, 182) at the end of December 2017. Espai Rö is not just a classic showroom, but rather a space created to enjoy and appreciate architecture and design, as well as to convey a passion for interior design.

At this event, in addition to a presentation of various products, the growing focus on furniture and interior design was shared and disseminated: this is specifically the spirit of the showroom, a venue showcasing exclusive products selected from the finest international interior design brands, capable of conveying singularity, poetic details and traditional excellence.

One of the distinguishing features of the Catalan exhibition was the partnership with the Italian kitchens brand, Abimis, which has implemented the superior quality of professional stainless steel kitchens in simpler domestic settings for years.

Abimis X Espai Rö

As demonstrated at Espai Rö, Abimis sees the kitchen no longer merely as a decorative and styling feature, but it also brings back to life the meaning for which it was conceived, that is to say the art of cooking. Over the years, the kitchen has undergone a transformation, and a growing number of cooking aficionados want to have a professional kitchen within their home, to enjoy and to ensure their guests enjoy a dining experience on a par with one of a restaurant.

Abimis professional kitchens make each step of the preparation process smoother, more logical and consequential: this way, timing is optimised and dishes are prepared like clockwork, the key moment being concentrating over the hob. Abimis kitchens are impeccably designed down to the smallest detail: each area plays a specific role, in order to facilitate the subsequent process.

The new mirror design of Abimis kitchens presented in Barcelona

The Ego collection by Abimis, which was designed in partnership with the architect, Alberto Torsello, is the perfect embodiment of an extremely functional kitchen without forgoing a sophisticated and refined taste. The Ego composition is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel but its squared silhouettes, which are typical of large professional kitchens, have been rounded and softened by bevelled doors and hand-crafted finishes which blend in seamlessly with the overall framework of the furnishings.

During Espai Rö, Abimis also made the AISI 304 stainless steel finish available in a polished version: the blocks making up the kitchen, which are designed and built specifically according to each individual design, are distinguished by a mirror-like effect capable of lending the kitchen a truly elegant and valuable profile. In the Ego line, the kitchen can be produced with the classic finish, mirror finish, or painted in any colour, without any limitations to the chromatic scale. The new design introduced by Abimis demonstrates once again the brand’s focus on impeccable workmanship, a typical trait of the made in Italy label.

The philosophy of Abimis, namely to produce custom-made kitchens, reaches its epitome thanks to the iconic Ego line; indeed, in this type of design, each component can be selected to suit individual needs, resulting in precise, ergonomically-designed furnishings, which are also aesthetically valuable, and ideal for transferring the experience of a professional kitchen to the confines of the home as well. The new Ego kitchen by Abimis with mirror design constitutes a pureness of design, lending the surroundings uniqueness and elegance through 360 degrees. These are specifically the distinguishing features which make the Ego collection an ideal solution for domestic spaces including residential settings.

The adaptability of Abimis kitchens

To recreate the ideal environment in the kitchen and at home, Espai Rö selected the trendiest objects and pieces of furniture currently on the interior design market, and chose Abimis for its prestigious partnership, enhanced by the accompaniment of a gourmet experience conceived by food designer Pepi de Boissieu exclusively for this event.

The perfection of Abimis, which has shifted the superior quality and technology used in professional stainless steel kitchens to the home for years, confirms the brand’s focus on pursuing versatile solutions, suited to all tastes and requirements, attempting to improve and upgrade its products with new variants for ever-more innovative combinations devised to adapt to all domestic contexts.

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