Abimis cuisine has received kosher certification

For the second year in a row, Abimis has received the official Kosher certification for its stainless steel kitchens.
This means that since 2022 Abimis has been designing and producing Kosher certified kitchens.

Find out what a Kosher kitchen is

Abimis Kosher certification

The Kosher certificate issued to Abimis by Rabbi Menahem Hadad, Kashrut Administrator of the agency 1K Kosher in Brussels, Belgium, officially stated:

“We hereby declare that the kitchens produced by Prisma Srl branded A B I M I S are made in stainless steel and are designed in compliance with the Kosher needs of a Jewish family and they are particularly suitable for Pesach kosherization”.

“Con la presente certificazione dichiariamo che le cucine prodotte da Abimis (brand del gruppo Prisma) sono realizzate in acciaio inox e sono progettate in conformità con le esigenze delle famiglie ebree e sono particolarmente adatte per la Kosherizzazione di Pesach”.

Abimis strongly wanted this important official certification and worked to further improve its stainless steel kitchens to obtain it.
Anna Ongaro, CEO of Abimis, said: “We are proud to know that our kitchens can be useful to Jewish families, in full respect of their traditions, their cuisine, and the kasherut” (the rules that define what is allowed and what isn’t in terms of diet).

The certifying Rabbi’s visit to the company

Menahem Hadad, the certifying Rabbi, made a long and thorough visit to the Abimis production department. He inspected every stage of the production process and asked about the quality of the stainless steel used in the kitchens (Abimis uses only the best high-thickness AISI 304 and 316 steel).

But most importantly, the Rabbi verified that all Abimis kitchens are welded without leaving any gaps or cuts in sight between the various modules, on the top (including sinks) and in the inner compartments of the containers). Spaces in which food or liquid traces may be deposited that are difficult to clean. A great help for Pesah cleaning!

Abimis kitchens are the perfect allies of Jewish families

Abimis designs and manufactures high-quality kitchens, which comply with the rules of kosher cuisine.
Abimis kitchens are all custom-made, to the centimetre. That’s why they help families to organise their spaces, keep food separate and optimise the storage of all the necessary pots and dishes.
They also help to simplify the daily operations and the different stages of preparation of kosher foods. But above all, they are particularly suitable for the “Pesach kosherization” (Passover).
In this period in fact, as the Torah indicates, the whole house (and the kitchen in particular) must be thoroughly cleaned and in particular any trace of leavened food or drink (chamez) must be removed. 
The kitchen should be cleaned to remove all crumbs of bread, biscuits, breadsticks or rusks, as well as any remaining yoghurt, every drop of wine or beer etc.
As all Abimis kitchens are made of seamless, welded stainless steel, they are very easy to clean and kosherize, thus ensuring the “purity” of the surfaces.
To make cleaning even easier, all Abimis kitchens can (on request) be equipped with pull-out shelves and have the inside corners of the containers rounded!

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