Abimis al Fuorisalone 2023

For the Fuorisalone 2023, the Abimis showroom in Milan will have a completely new look with an original set-up featuring the Ego, Atelier and ÀTRIA lines in all their different configurations, together with a system of hand-orbitally polished steel columns, suggesting the possibility for completing Abimis kitchens.

The iconic Ego kitchen, with its typical rounded doors, is presented in an elegant island version, with a special polished mirror finish, which makes the AISI 304 stainless steel extraordinarily bright and shiny. The mirror finish creates plays on light, reflections and suggestions that transform Ego into a really spectacular element.

Atelier, with its unmistakable essential, rigorous and formal design, is now available in a wall mounted version with a compact structure, in the new and sophisticated burnished finish, a special colour that changes shade according to how the light falls on it, giving a refined and contemporary aesthetic effect to the kitchen and revealing a special expression of texture.

ÀTRIA (design Studio Delineo and Massimo Rosati), the first Abimis kitchen specifically designed for outdoor living and 100% customisable, is available in a wall mounted version that highlights the distinctive features of the concept: a steel kitchen with clean lines and harmonious proportions, defined by plays on volume and original alternations of full and empty.

The fil rouge of the new set-up is Abimis’ natural ‘vocation’ to transform every kitchen into a unique and truly ‘custom’ personal project, with attention to every detail and always marked by the perfect balance between design and performance typical of professional catering.

The walls of the renovated exhibition space are also covered in an intense and energetic orange shade, a shade chosen to underline the importance of colour in contemporary interior design and in the kitchen. This brilliant ‘note’ of colour suggests the possibility that Abimis offers to customise its kitchens also using colour.
The Ego, Atelier and ÀTRIA kitchens can, in fact, be painted in any RAL shade, glossy or matt, using the same techniques used in the automotive sector, so as to be able to achieve the exact colour desired by the customer.

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