Abimis design and elegance embellish an old french farmhouse

Set in the countryside just a few kilometres outside Paris stands a 17th Century farmhouse formerly used as an “outbuilding” of the royal palace of Versailles and which has now been given a new lease of life.


City: Paris 
Location: Private House
Kitchen line: Atelier

A luxurious and comfortable residence hidden in the countryside

Indeed, the country house was recently refurbished and converted into a luxurious and comfortable residence. Hidden in the countryside surrounding Paris, the house overlooks the legendary Forêt de Marly, a favourite hunting ground among the French royalty. 


A “château” style directed by french architect Julie Smith

The project began with the refurbishment of the farmhouse in “château” style and was directed by French architect Julia Smith. The underlying ambition was to respect and retain all the building’s historic features, both in terms of structure and interior.

In fact, the furnishings were carefully picked to create a mixture of French antique pieces with Italian designer furnishings and lights with a more contemporary look, to create a mesmerising contrast between antique elements and ultra-modern statement pieces.


A comfortable and sociable place to tackle culinary tasks smoothly and quickly

The owner’s wish was to ensure the room dedicated to the kitchen plays the starring role in the domestic setting, providing a comfortable and sociable place to tackle culinary tasks smoothly and quickly. To enhance this setting further, the perfect choice was without a shadow of a doubt the sophistication and elegance of ATELIER by Abimis, truly one-of-a-kind in terms of technology and design.

Steel and stone

The architect decided to place a large rectangular stainless steel module equipped with storage space in the centre of the kitchen, providing a generously sized work surface, in Pietra Serena sandstone, which can also be used as a table if need be.

The cooking block was instead placed beside the ancient stone sink and, in order to increase the functionality of the space, the original 19th Century sideboards and dressers were also topped with stainless steel worktops by Abimis, while others were embellished with the use of Pietra Serena sandstone.


A mix of antique and modern

For the architects’ practice who were in charge of the project, this desire to achieve a mix of antique and modern led to more than a few operating difficulties, considering the fact that this was such a “rustic”, sophisticated and antique context also from a structural point of view.  It is also for this reason that with ATELIER, which is entirely custom-made, like all Abimis kitchens, the end result is a practical, elegant but, above all, a functional kitchen.

Introducing an ATELIER kitchen in such a peculiar yet complex project is further proof of the versatility of the solutions offered by Abimis, which not only takes elegance into settings, but also make it possible to create compositions and solutions that are best suited to individual spatial and positioning requirements.



Abimis solutions perfectly reflect the original concept for which they were conceived: a professional-grade product devised for domestic settings that is both functional and designer.