Ego n.100

Abimis signs its 100th Ego kitchen, created for an exclusive private residence in Munich

Modern interiors with vintage touches characterise this elegant private residence in the heart of the Bavarian capital.


City: Monaco
Location: Private House
Kitchen Line: Ego

The contemporary, plain and simple style of every room in this home takes its inspiration from the past, featuring unique and original objects, furniture with antique charm and sophisticated furnishing accessories. These fascinating items, carefully mixed with pieces of modern art and design icons, define this apartment’s identity and atmosphere, which is sophisticated yet cosy at the same time.

The kitchen is open plan, creating a welcoming, free and well-organised space that is also home to the dining area, a room where it is possible to spend time together day after day and where all actions, from storing and preparing food to the act of cooking itself, are transformed into opportunities to share experiences and emotions.

This Ego kitchen by Abimis features an impressive, large, free-standing island which is undoubtedly the star of this room. The adjustable spotlights on the ceiling further highlight its ‘central’ role, cleverly distributing their beams to enhance the kitchen below, creating the right balance of light throughout the entire room. The cooking, washing and work areas also play a key role, all of which are positioned on the same joint-free top; these are well lit to ensure that all activities can be carried out to perfection.

This bespoke Ego kitchen, made entirely from AISI 304 stainless steel, ensures maximum freedom of movement, not only making the various stages of the cooking process much easier, but also adding a special touch to daily life in the kitchen.

Featuring the characteristic bevelled flush doors, perfectly integrated into the structure, and the invisible hinge patented by Abimis, this particular Ego kitchen has a shiny, “mirror-effect” finish, with an orbitally polished recessed socle. In addition to bespoke aesthetics, this project also boasts a number of customised functions, featuring some of the typical qualities of a professional kitchen, such as the refrigerated components for compostable waste which maintain a temperature of -5°C, thereby preventing the biomass from decomposing and creating unpleasant odours.

This kitchen by Abimis also features a series of tall units with stainless steel doors, all with an orbitally polished finish in order to reduce the appearance of any scratches and fingerprints; these units are home to the refrigerator, oven and a number of storage compartments for food and utensils.

The uniqueness of the Ego concept is expressed here through a specific decorative detail: the number commemorating the 100th Ego kitchen by Abimis can be seen on one of the large, ergonomic handles, featured here in a sophisticated brass finish.

Perfectly blending together aesthetics and functionality, Ego transforms every kitchen into the most welcoming room of the house, representing a place to spend the entire day relaxing, sharing experiences and socialising. It makes this space functional and able to cater for the owner’s specific habits and requirements, always ensuring top performance in terms of hygiene and safety.

Abimis for a private residence in Munich
Photo credits: Matteo Cirenei


Abimis solutions perfectly reflect the original concept for which they were conceived: a professional-grade product devised for domestic settings that is both functional and designer.

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