Abimis joins forces with Frigo2000 for a food contest in Faenza

Food, design, professional cooking techniques and creativity were the main “ingredients” of In cucina si gioca, ma non si scherza! (Cooking can be fun, but no pranks allowed!), the event organised by the interior design studio based in Faenza M’ama interni+ in the cloisters of Via Cavour which involved three architecture practices in a thrilling challenge, where culinary art became a design project.

Abimis, together with Frigo2000, was a partner of this special show cooking session with ÀTRIA, the first modular kitchen specifically designed to exist outdoors, resulting from the partnership with Studio Delineo and Massimo Rosati. With a stainless steel core, ÀTRIA is a contemporary, dynamic, modular solution that’s 100% customisable, perfect for accommodating the various needs of those wanting to cook outdoors and for interpreting the multiple versions of life in the open air… including those of an exceptional challenge at the hob!

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