A great party for the “first” ten years of Abimis 

On September 29, 2023, two important corporate milestones were celebrated: Abimis’ 10th anniversary and Prisma‘s 40th anniversary.

Abimis was born in 2013 as an extension of the brand Prisma, founded exactly 30 years earlier. Both specialising in the processing of stainless steel, Prisma is now a leading supplier of kitchens and solutions for professional catering and large-scale retail, as well as for the large cruise ship sector. Abimis has instead focused on the production of designer kitchens, still made of stainless steel, but intended for domestic environments.
A single company, now in its 40th year of age, that combines two important brands.
They joined forces in September to organise two big parties. The first, to thank all the employees and collaborators who were invited together with their families.
The second, on 29 September, was attended by over 200 international guests, journalists, representatives of the institutions and the Confindustria Veneto organisation.

The speech of the founder, Silvano Ongaro

The party began with a speech by Mr. Ongaro, the founder of the two companies, who confessed that the idea for this celebration was not his. It came from his 2 daughters, Paola and Anna, who today lead the brands Prisma and Abimis, respectively.
“Dad, did you realise that 2023 will be the fortieth anniversary of Prisma and the tenth of Abimis?” Silvano Ongaro told his guests. “No, I hadn’t thought about it, ” he added, “and I was moved by the fact that the date was in their minds and that they were looking forward to celebrating this milestone together with the family, collaborators and all those who, over these 40 years, have helped to develop these brands.”
After founding the company at only 36 years of age as a proud reaction to a difficult work period, Mr. Ongaro confesses that success came almost immediately.
After just three years, in 1986, the first great partnership began with Fincantieri. A long-standing partnership that still continues today.
Silvano Ongaro then retraced the fundamental milestones of the company: “In 1988 we supplied part of the furniture for the Crown Princess and Regal Princess ships, two jewels of Fincantieri,” he continued. “A unique experience that gave me the opportunity to work side by side with the architect Renzo Piano, the interior designer.”
He then went on to list the most important moments for the company itself.

In 1989 the first headquarters was built; in 2013 the brand Abimis made its debut; in 2015, when the company became 100% owned by the Ongaro family, Paola and Anna arrived at the helm of the company…

Finally, to the last, great milestone. The new, large factory, inaugurated on the day of the 40th anniversary.

A new state-of-the-art production site

After the speech, the guests were taken to visit the “old” and the brand new production site, which adds to the company a substantial 4800 square metres under cover and 10,000 square metres uncovered. The new facility, where Silvano Ongaro decided to welcome guests, will host a very modern automation, cutting and bending plant, as well as an office area of 1000 square metres and a new company canteen.

The guests were able to see for themselves the great attention to sustainability that Abimis and Prisma have always shared. Such as the new 250 kW photovoltaic plant, which powers the underfloor heating system of the new premises; or the park of trees planted around the new site with the aim of reducing the company’s carbon footprint. Or the strategic position of the logistics hub itself, which reduces emissions from transport.

A big ‘80s party

Around 7 p.m. the real party began. An aperitif in the centuries-old park of the Gambrinus restaurant, followed by a candlelit dinner, inside a spectacular transparent structure, set up for the occasion among the centuries-old trees of the garden.
The theme of the party was the 1980s. The decade that saw the birth of the company and that decreed its international success.
Here, guests watched a dance show with dancers on roller skates, in pure 80s style. And, after dinner, they went wild dancing to the rhythm of the “80s disco” music.

Guided tour to Bolle Nardini

The 2-day celebration ended the following day with a guided tour to Bolle Nardini, the futuristic Bassano site of the famous distillery, designed by the architect Massimiliano Fuksas.
And right there Mr Ongaro said goodbye to his guests thanking them for their fundamental contribution to the growth of the company and looking forward to the next milestone: 50 years of Prisma and 20 years of Abimis…

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