A luxury kitchen with an island in the ancient heart of Milan - Abimis

A luxury kitchen with an island in the ancient heart of Milan

What is a luxury kitchen for Abimis?

How do we imagine a luxury kitchen to be nowadays? For us at Abimis, a contemporary luxury kitchen is certainly not one made of fine marble, rare essences, maybe gold plated or studded with Swaroski… Basically a rich and magnificent “luxury kitchen”.
No. We believe that a real modern luxury kitchen is one that offers maximum practicality, functionality, ergonomics and high performance to its user.

It’s a kitchen that guarantees you the ability to make the most of your passion and cook like a real chef. Even in small spaces. Even at home.
It’s the one designed to make sure that when you’re cooking you can reach the best result with the smallest effort, that enables you to make the most sophisticated dishes, while facilitating the process for you. It is a designer kitchen, made with great aesthetic taste, to adapt to all styles of homes, using top quality materials. Not the finest. And not the rarest. But the best ones possible to guarantee utmost functionality and the best durability over time, without forgetting safety, hygiene and easy cleaning.
For Abimis this is the real contemporary luxury kitchen.

An Abimis luxury kitchen at Palazzo Segreti

Milan, as you know, is a city filled with places that are not immediately visible, with small courtyards and delightful internal gardens which make it an appealing urban entanglement just waiting to be discovered. Milan hides its beauty behind gates and historic front doors, behind 19th Century façades and long busy avenues. Behind the high fencing walls that mark the borders of its infinite number of courtyards.
The ‘secret’ of Milan lies in its mysterious magic, all to be discovered.
And it’s precisely in one of these intimate places hidden from the view of the crowds that the The Suites at Palazzo Segreti project is happening. A discrete and welcoming boutique hotel just a stone’s throw from the metropolitan skyline of the Garibaldi district.
Palazzo Segreti is comprised of seven suites where guests can enjoy the pleasure of the convenience of a real home in an innovative concept focusing on the subject of travel.
A place designed to bring the concept of hospitality to the umpteenth power, where every detail is conceived to make guests appreciate the true “luxury” of feeling at home. And also of being able to cook, like at home.
The living area of Palazzo Segreti is, in fact, furnished with a luxury kitchen with an island.

A stainless steel kitchen, with a satin finish, from the Abimis Atelier line.
For this setting, a kitchen has been chosen with minimal lines but completely equipped, which promises guests who wish to cook the pleasure of doing so in an intimate but very charming environment.

The steel of the kitchen is the main feature among contrasting materials

The materials are the true features of this delicate intervention and emphasize the pursuit for an unexpected ‘secret’. Natural cement contrasts with the historical decorations of the walls; solid wood with the vibrant nuances of steel, giving life to antitheses that enrich the charm of this Milanese boutique hotel.
The contrast between different materials is the fil rouge that the public and private areas have in common. A well-researched contrast where the luxury kitchen with an island made to measure by Abimis according to the customer’s precise requests, fits perfectly into the setting.
In fact, the shine of this AISI 304 stainless steel kitchen blends perfectly with the warm colours of the oak slatted floor and the white brick walls, giving the room a sophisticated atmosphere, almost suspended in time.

The elegant and essential style of the Atelier kitchen with an island

The Abimis kitchen in the Atelier line is split into two functional areas. The large island, which dominates the room with its double height, and the service area with its storage space and sink, housed in a niche behind the slender arched openings that frame it.

The “minimal” linearity of the kitchen make cleaning and hygiene really easy.
For the same reason the long satin finished steel top is made of a solid 6 mm sheet without any gaps.

The generous top, which houses the cooking area and a large work top, inspires guests to get carried away making sophisticated dishes or even just relaxing at the hob.

This large island kitchen makes socialising for guests really natural. And it is also here that the cookery classes or lively show cooking sessions with top international chefs are often organised for small groups staying at the hotel.

At home at the hotel. All Italian hospitality and great love for cooking are encapsulated in every Abimis branded kitchen.

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