The first ever Abimis kitchen. In a 19th Century building in Veneto.

We are in the historic centre of Oderzo, in the province of Treviso. The setting is a typical small town in Veneto, packed with history and culture, where Venetian architecture influenced the style of the “holidaymakers’” buildings. A style which, over time, has retained its distinguishing features. Both in the aristocratic beauty of the façades, and in the structure of the interiors, designed to offer the inhabitants a sense of quiet and well-being.


City: Treviso
Location: Private house
Kitchen line: Ego

The house which plays host to the Abimis kitchen is an historic building in Oderzo. A 19th Century building, which was recently renovated, and which still retains all the original features. Such as the wooden floorboards and the exposed beams on the ceilings, painted white to make the rooms brighter.

This is the home of a young couple with children, where the living room plays a key role. The kitchen-dining area plays the starring role here.
Indeed, during the refurbishment work, the owners knocked down some of the walls to extend and visually connect the two areas.

Being gourmet experts, they wanted the kitchen not to be hidden, but instead to become a part of their everyday life. They wanted cooking and eating to be closely connected. Their great passions had to be joined together, at home too…

On the one hand, they created the area with a designer table and chairs, white just like the walls. Opposite, a large, fully-equipped stainless steel kitchen, the Ego model by Abimis, designed to the nearest centimetre so as to optimise all the available space.

This is a corner kitchen, with a large central island. The side wall is allocated to functional tasks, with a large double-door refrigerator, two ovens and a capacious wine cellar. The front wall has a window in it and hosts the cooking and washing areas.

This kitchen demonstrates the ability of Abimis to produce bespoke, tailor-made kitchens. Indeed, the kitchen was designed on company premises and then welded and assembled on site, so as to eliminate any joints. Both on the top, and in the containers area underneath. The stainless steel top backsplash encompasses the window compartment. The corner of the kitchen is rounded, as are the profiles of the flush-fitting doors with concealed hinges, one of Abimis’s many patents.

The sink and the hob are also perfectly integrated into the top. This is a highly functional solution since it eradicates all those areas most prone to the build-up of dirt and bacteria (sharp corners, cuts or joints) and makes cleaning easier. It is also of the utmost styling value, because it makes the kitchen module compact, linear and understated.

To enhance the minimal and contemporary style that distinguishes the home, the owners opted for a kitchen in stainless steel that has been orbitally polished by hand. This is a matt finish with warm hues that lends the surroundings the strong allure of contemporary design

To make the kitchen area even more organised and integrated with the living room, they also wanted a dual-purpose central island. A work area, on the side facing the kitchen. A breakfast counter area, with bar stools, on the side facing the dining room. The island top is in alluring total black granite. Both the material and the colour create contrast, yet the top becomes a link between the absolute white that dominates the setting (on the walls, the ceiling, the furniture) and the orbitally polished stainless steel of the kitchen.

From a functional perspective, the kitchen was designed to optimise and enhance the value of the space dedicated to cooking, which is perfectly plied around the cook’s movements.
The kitchen from the Ego line by Abimis is in fact ergonomic and functional. The recessed plinth allows the person cooking to benefit from a more comfortable position. The distribution into functional areas makes it possible to optimise the movements of who’s cooking, making their tasks easier.

The choice of a kitchen made entirely of stainless steel without visible joints ensures maximum hygiene and cleanliness in the kitchen. AISI 304 stainless steel, which Abimis uses for all its indoor kitchens, is in fact a biologically neutral, anti-bacterial alloy which does not release any contaminating substances onto food when it comes into contact with it. It is a durable material that is resistant to knocks and scratches, to heat and to the majority of acids. And, last but not least, it is recyclable and environmentally-friendly.

The home owners’ choice was driven by a desire to have a high-end kitchen, a professionally-derived kitchen.
In other words, a kitchen that offers the same superior performance as a professional restaurant kitchen, yet designed for domestic use. In short, a kitchen that’s designed and built to emphasise, optimise and simplify your culinary tasks, starting with the concrete requirements of those who truly use, enjoy and interpret the kitchen: the cook.

With its various models of bespoke kitchens, all precision-engineered and customisable to the nearest centimetre, Abimis redefines the space with a contemporary look, creating the ideal kitchen for those who want to cook at home like a real chef, without neglecting design. For those who want a professional and sociable, attractive and high-performance kitchen.
A place to share a passion for good food with family, guests or friends.


Abimis solutions perfectly reflect the original concept for which they were conceived: a professional-grade product devised for domestic settings that is both functional and designer.