A spacious loft decorated in neutral colours houses a stainless steel designer kitchen, setting its context in an environment oozing metropolitan style, distinguished by resin finishes and details in metal and wood.

The space is given a softer and more pictorial look by the large windows that frame the natural panorama of the surrounding Val Pusteria.
The location is in Brunico, Italy, where Abimis supplied a unique Ego kitchen for this new build, where the kitchen immediately became the absolute star of the domestic space in which it was fitted.

Stainless steel designer kitchen

The stainless steel designer kitchen: Abimis project

The design is focused on optimising the cook’s tasks, and it entailed the construction and placement of three large steel blocks intended for:

  • Preparing and washing up
  • Cooking
  • Storing

Abimis also took care of transporting everything to the site and assembling it all.

Entirely customized kitchen: the Ego line

Indeed, Abimis declares: ‘In order to meet the customer’s requirements fully, and since we produce customised composite systems, it was necessary to take care personally not just of the construction, but also of the delivery and installation of the stainless steel designer kitchen.

This sales system accompanies our customer every step of the way, with a customised product’; as a matter of fact, Abimis is all about:

  • Customisation because its kitchens are designed and built while taking into account the taste, the style and the ergonomic characteristics of the end users.
  • Consulting because its kitchens are the result of an idea which involves the company in the front line on site.
  • Sharing the professional experience of architects, designers, craftsmen and Abimis installers.
  • Getting genuinely involved in the design, to add value to the ideas and optimise the creative organisation of the space.
Stainless steel designer kitchen

Abimis stainless steel: timeless quality

The designer Abimis kitchens, which are made of extra-thick AISI 304 steel ad alto which is hand-finished, render steel the irreplaceable component to achieve quality results, both in terms of styling impact, as well as performance, because it is capable of making the kitchen elements timeless, functional and easy to clean.

The kitchen designed for a free movement

Abimis designer stainless steel kitchen is provided with a deeper than standard worktop (up to 90 cm), that makes movements easier.

All the other countless details, have been designed specifically to assist the cook ‘in the complex game of cookery’ and beyond: from the built-in worktop and the flush-fit hinged doors, designed for easier cleaning, to the absence of sharp edges, for extra safety; from the climate controlled compartments (hot and cold), to the 20 cm recessed plinth to leave more room for foot movement.

Do you want to design your customised stainless steel kitchen?

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