Abimis and Frigo 2000 organizing a Kasher lunch in Milan

Organizing a real Kasher (or Kosher) lunch is not easy.

While there are now many Kasher certified foods and several Kasher restaurants, even here in Italy, there are still very few brands that specialise in this type of cuisine.

But fortunately, there are companies in Italy that are making big investments to be able to offer all Jewish families living in Italy and around the world the most suitable tools for cooking a Kasher meal. So that it can be made it in the simplest and most effective way but, above all, according to tradition and “Kasherut”, which regulates what is allowed and what is not in the preparation of foods.

Find out what Kasher cuisine is.

Two companies specialising in Kasher cuisine…

On this occasion, Abimis and Frigo 2000 have joined forces, their expertise and their products to organise a real Kasher lunch in Milan.

On the one hand, Abimis, a manufacturer of high-quality stainless steel kitchens for domestic use, which for the second year in a row has obtained official Kasher certification.
On the other hand, Frigo 2000, a brand which specialises in consulting, designing and supplying the most important international brands of kitchen appliances. These include many devices equipped with the “Sabbath function”, designed specifically for the needs of Jewish families.

An ideal bridge between the 2 communities

The Kasher lunch, preceded by a brief presentation of the two brands, was organised at the beginning of July 2023 at Frigo 2000, Viale Fulvio Testi 125, in Cinisello Balsamo (Milan).
A strong symbol of closeness that the two companies wanted to launch to the Italian Jewish community and to the Milanese community in particular.

Alfonso Sassun, Secretary General of the Jewish Community of Milan, and Marco Salvadori, collaborator of the Rabbinical Office for Kasher Certifications, were invited to take part.
Together with Abimis and Frigo 2000, the architect Federica Zama, owner of the M’ama Interni showroom and an expert in the design of Kasher kitchens took part in the event.

2 Chefs prepared the Kasher dishes

The kitchen was managed with “four hands” by two important chefs. 
The Israeli Gil Hen, a private chef and founder of Chef’s Table, an event space with a kitchen in the heart of Tel Aviv. And the Italian Giuseppe Russo, founder of The Private Chef and ambassador of the “premium” brand V-Zug, whose innovative steam ovens were used for the event.

The menu, a mixture of Italian and Israeli cuisine, consisted of the following courses:

  • Sabich (typical Israeli street food) with egg, aubergine, potato, tahina and green salsa
  • Celeriac carpaccio
  • Shakshuka (the famous egg recipe with tomato sauce)
  • Lamb with pomegranate and carrot salsa
  • Sea bass with yellow cherry tomatoes
  • Tarte tatin with pears
  • Fruit salad and berry coulis.

All accompanied by delicious bread with figs, cherry tomatoes and e.v.o. oil

This lunch, as delicious as it is respectful of Kasherut, was the “dress rehearsal” for a larger event that will take place in Milan in the autumn, again dedicated to Kasher cuisine and also organised by the 2 brands Abimis and Frigo 2000.
But for the time being we can’t say any more…

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