The Ego line by Abimis, in the heart of victorian London

A series of orbitally polished stainless steel compositions furnish a kitchen as well as a dedicated office corner

This is London, one of the most elegant and exclusive neighbourhoods nestled between Kensington and Chelsea. Here, just a stone’s throw from the famous Saatchi Gallery, stands a beautiful residential complex of Victorian terraced houses featuring elegant brick façades.

From the outside, the architectures all appear to be very similar. They only differ in the shape of the bow windows, the design of the gable and the understated relief decorations. Even the interior layout is always the same. In fact, each house spans 5 storeys: ground floor, first storey, two upper floors and the converted attic.


City: London
Location: Private House
Kitchen Line: Ego

Yet on the inside, each house differs from the next. Perhaps specifically to contrast with the apparent uniform appearance of the façades, the owners express the full force of their creativity inside.

Many houses are furnished according to traditional British style: classic, rather stern, but always elegant. Others have been interpreted with a contemporary twist and bring to mind charming design atmospheres which are the perfect match for these impressive 19th Century buildings.

Indeed, it is in one of these Victorian houses that an extraordinary kitchen cum living room has been created.
A large, bright setting in which the kitchen from the Ego line by Abimis plays the absolute starring role.

The tailoring approach of Abimis to its bespoke kitchen designs finds its ultimate expression right here. The stainless steel kitchen was completely customised to suit the owner’s specific requirements.

But that’s not all. Owing to the great versatility of its modules, the Ego line by Abimis was used not only to furnish the kitchen, but also the dining area, living room and the office on the top floor.

The outstanding composition flexibility of Ego was interpreted by the designers in multiple configurations, which distinguish various areas of the home, thus demonstrating an extremely consistent style throughout. To guarantee greater uniformity, the designers opted for all the modules of Ego in the orbitally polished finish by hand. The solution has an impeccable styling effect which reduces the visibility of scratches and fingerprints.

The kitchen cum dining room

The kitchen picked by the owners is from the Ego line. This is a professionally-derived kitchen, with its characteristic recessed plinth, bevelled flush doors which are perfectly integrated into the structure, and the invisible hinges, patented by Abimis.
The very large and bright setting which houses it stands out for its white walls, high ceilings and floor covered with long wooden planks. The kitchen has been split up into functional areas. On one side, the washing area, complete with wall units. On the wall beside it, the cooking area. In the middle of the room stands a large island, which can be used on one side as a work surface and on the other as a breakfast counter. The furniture is completed by a natural wood dining table. The table top has been covered with a sheet of stainless steel which replicates the warm and matt finish of the kitchen.

All the modules and tops are welded together without joints, to reduce the build-up of dirt and make cleaning easier. This is indispensable to guarantee maximum hygiene in the kitchen.
The various areas of the kitchen are completed by a system of tall larder units, also in orbitally polished stainless steel, arranged in an alcove hidden away from view of guests.

The bar area in the living room

Adjacent to the living room, behind a wall, the modules of the Ego line are transformed into a practical bar corner with a built-in sink. Here, the impeccable skill and tailor-made workmanship of Abimis are evident in extraordinary detail. The kitchen encompasses one of the load-bearing pillars of the house, with precision to the nearest millimetre. An existing cast iron column, which appears to be an integral part of the project.

The office area

The top floor of the home was converted into a comfortable office.
The large windows, the skylight and the white walls create a light, bright feel. The modules from the Ego line blend in seamlessly here too, thus creating styling and functional continuity which begins on the ground floor and stretches to the attic.
The walls are distinguished by a system of sliding doors, also in the orbitally polished finish, which conceal a small service kitchen with a serving hatch and a series of containers.
These elements are equally in stainless steel which has been orbitally polished by hand, again made by Abimis.

Photo credits: Matteo Cirenei


Abimis solutions perfectly reflect the original concept for which they were conceived: a professional-grade product devised for domestic settings that is both functional and designer.

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