A super-equipped outdoor kitchen in a villa outside Cologne

The choices of a great cooking enthusiast

“Living and cooking outside as if I were in my restaurant”. This was the request of a German chef who manages a small but famous restaurant in Cologne when he ordered the outdoor kitchen for his new country home from Abimis, based on his architect’s design.


City: Colonia
Location: Private Home
Kitchen Line: Atelier

In fact, the young chef absolutely didn’t want to forgo the pleasure of cooking for himself, his family and his guests. And he is happy to take this pleasure home as he confesses that it gives him a great sense of relaxation and helps him focus better.

Two kitchens: one indoors and an outdoor one

When he bought this house to move into with his wife and two children away from the traffic and bustle of the city, he immediately expressed the wish to have two kitchens.

The indoor one which, together with the living area occupies the whole of the raised floor, is very spacious, fully equipped and perfectly functional. The outdoor kitchen, instead, has been installed in a terraced area which extends from the living room onto the large garden from a slightly raised position. The area is open on three sides but protected from the wind and covered by a large portico. There are also the wicker sofas here and a large table for eating while enjoying the amazing view across the fields. In practice, it is actually an extra room, with a dining area and outdoor kitchen for enjoying the milder seasons.

The outdoor kitchen is equipped with “special” household appliances

The first kitchen, in the heart of the living area, was equipped with all the more “traditional” household appliances. The choice of household appliances for the outdoor kitchen, was, instead, very different. First of all, the outdoor kitchen, like the indoor one, has been completely accessorized.

But here the owner of the house has given precedence to cooking equipment that is more suited to informal summer lunches for eating al fresco. So, next to the induction hob, he wanted a large barbecue and a wok. Two perfect accessories for having grilled food or a quick “sautéed” dish in oriental style.

But that’s not all…. For enjoying a nice aperitif before dinner with friends or for cooling down at hotter times of day, he also wanted his outdoor kitchen to be equipped with a wine chiller.

Its glass door displays the bottles which are kept at the right temperature in summer too. A small outdoor chiller means a little store of Italian wines of which the chef is a great admirer can always be kept on hand.

A stainless steel kitchen made to measure by Abimis

The outdoor kitchen was completely made to measure by Abimis, on the basis of the owner’s specific requests.

Being a gourmet enthusiast, he also wanted a professional type kitchen outside. This kitchen guarantees top level performance for the user, but has also been especially designed for domestic settings. Therefore, it is a high performance kitchen but with a lighter line than restaurant kitchens and with a more contemporary design and finer features.

To guarantee the best resistance to use, to the elements and to the harsh winter climate in the Cologne region, the outdoor kitchen is entirely made of stainless steel. In fact, stainless steel is a very easy material to clean, hygienic, antibacterial and very resistant to frost and to heat.
Also, the satin finish surfaces of this stainless steel kitchen reflect the colours of nature and the tones vary continuously according to the time of day. The rays of sun play games and are painted with the light blue of the sky and the green of the plants. Like the high bamboo panel which creates a pleasant peaceful atmosphere around the kitchen. The solution is beautiful to look at and relaxing for the soul.
The outdoor kitchen of this villa around Cologne is a real cooking machine.

Beautiful, practical and functional, it is perfectly integrated into a natural setting.


Abimis solutions perfectly reflect the original concept for which they were conceived: a professional-grade product devised for domestic settings that is both functional and designer.

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