A lemon yellow kitchen overlooking the beach in Mondello

Lemon yellow and stainless steel: an unusual combination yet one which is packed with punch for this lively outdoor kitchen by Abimis.

Perhaps it was love of the Sicilian sunshine, or perhaps it was a tribute to the island’s famous lemons… Whatever the reason may be, when the time came to decide on the colour of their new outdoor kitchen by Abimis, they both immediately agreed on yellow!


City: Mondello
Location: Private House
Kitchen Line: Atelier

But let’s take a step back and dive into the teeming atmosphere of Palermo. Specifically, in the enchanting area of Mondello, the residential district which has become famous for its beaches, its eclectic Liberty architecture and its proximity to the most beautiful nature parks in Sicily.

Indeed, it is right here that a young couple of Sicilian entrepreneurs decided to live with their young child and their dog: an affectionate Cocker Spaniel. The first step was to refurbish the house they had inherited from their grandparents: a villa situated near the central Piazza Mondello.

The house is not very large, but it benefits from a beautiful garden where, thanks to the warm Sicilian weather and the shade of the lemon trees, the family enjoys spending the majority of its spare time. Playing with their little boy, welcoming their guests, or organising frequent al fresco dinners with family and friends.
This is why the young spouses wanted to create a fully-equipped space to cook in the open air and enjoy meals with company.

Once the refurbishment work on the house was complete, their first desire was to fit a kitchen outside too. However, the choice was not easy. First of all, they wanted a proper, functional and well-equipped kitchen. Both gourmet fans, they were looking for a kitchen with professional performance levels but compact in size. An outdoor kitchen that could remain outside 12 months a year and which, specifically for this reason, would blend in with the house and the greenery.

After a lengthy search, they decided to go for a stainless steel kitchen by Abimis: stainless steel is perfect for outdoor use as it is resistant to water, to all weather and to sudden changes in temperature. The young entrepreneurs picked a kitchen from the Atelier line, which stands out for its geometric and minimal silhouettes.

Comprising a cooking area, a washing area, a practical under-counter refrigerator, a storage compartment and two deep drawers for plates and utensils. All impeccably packed into a monoblock measuring just 180 cm in length. To guarantee maximum hygiene in the kitchen even the stainless steel top features no cuts or joints of any sort.

The kitchen was built against a perimeter wall of the villa made of old bricks, which were exposed and painted white. To protect the work surface as much as possible, the kitchen was equipped with a high wall panel in orbitally polished stainless steel that separates while incorporating a magnetic strip. This solution makes it possible to attach knives, hooks and a small shelf to the wall panel, on which a recipe book can be practically placed at dinner time.

There was just one detail missing: the colour of the doors which the two owners – their disposition as sunny as their homeland – wanted to be bright and lively. They had decided on a bright hue when they discovered that the stainless steel in Abimis kitchens is painted with the same techniques used in the automotive industry and therefore that the colours are hard-wearing and durable, built to withstand both scratches and direct sun rays, just like the body of a car.
So, when asked “what colour do you want it?” they both answered in unison: “yellow!”.


Abimis solutions perfectly reflect the original concept for which they were conceived: a professional-grade product devised for domestic settings that is both functional and designer.

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