An Abimis kitchen in coloured stainless steel in the Friuli woods.

A new Abimis kitchen plays the absolute starring role in the living room of this large, bright villa surrounded by greenery.
Located in the countryside outside Udine, where the fertile plain makes way for the slopes of the Friuli mountains. An isolated yet absolutely unique place: both owing to its location as well as to the view it offers.


City: Udine
Location: Casa privata
Kitchen Line: Atelier

A villa surrounded by nature

Indeed, getting to this villa is no easy feat, as it is surrounded entirely by greenery. To get here, you need to leave behind the asphalt-surfaced road and take a small gravel path for a few kilometres. Once you have reached the old bridge across an impetuous stream, you will be able to glimpse its large floor-to-ceiling windows amid the trees.
This is an uber-modern house which blends in seamlessly with its surroundings, where the talented artist and designer from Friuli and her architect husband live.
The creative young woman decided to live in the woods to devote herself to her collections of objects and fashion accessories, which she designs and hand-crafts with recycled materials.

Kitchen, art and nature.

But let’s take a step back…. A few years ago, the couple decided to leave their home in the centre of Udine to move to the country with their two daughters and many pets.
This was not an easy life choice, but it had become a priority for the family. Not just because nature has always inspired their creativity, but also and above all because the girls wanted to live in the country. In a house with a big garden to play and have fun in, running across the grass and climbing up trees. A place they could invite their friends and classmates to play, do some homework, eat and, why not? Have sleepovers too…
So, in their search for a solution that would allow them to live surrounded by nature but not too far from the city and the girls’ school, the young artist from Friuli discovered this enchanting place. She immediately showed it to the rest of the family and, after a brief consultation, they unanimously decided to move here, cats and dogs included.

The owners’ idea of what they wanted their house to be like was extremely clear: large floor-to-ceiling windows to live surrounded by nature, a tree-lined garden for the girls and a large kitchen to devote themselves to their great passion, preparing food.

The result literally leaves you speechless.
The architect designed a low volume with glass walls. The overhanging flat roof, which shelters the interior from the sun and creates a large portico all around the house, is supported by a few walls made from local stone. The large floor-to-ceiling windows, many of which are sliding, create a whole between the interior and the exterior.
The trees surrounding the house thus become genuine stars of this architecture. The actors on a theatre stage which change garments with each season, gifting fortunate onlookers ever-different landscapes.

A double kitchen for storing and preparing food.

The living area, which is completely surrounded by greenery thanks to the large glazed walls, stands out for an impressive bespoke kitchen.
The owners, both of whom are passionate chefs, designed together a large space divided up into two separate functional areas. On one side, a large stainless steel kitchen in a linear configuration, its doors painted bright blue, dedicated to preparing food. On the other, a large refrigerated storage element, to guarantee the cold chain and therefore the correct storage of food. This is vitally important for all aficionados of good food.

For the coloured kitchen, the owners picked the Atelier collection by Abimis a model featuring minimalist and architectural silhouettes. As for the refrigerated storage units, they preferred the Ego model by Abimis, which stands out for its flush-fitting rounded doors. The inner corners of the storage units are also rounded, while the shelves – also in stainless steel – can slide out completely. This solution is not only more functional and ergonomic, but it also guarantees maximum hygiene and an easy to clean kitchen.

This way the home owner can design her collections surrounded by greenery. And she can devote herself to preparing her favourite dishes surrounded by trees. Just as though she were in an outdoor kitchen, under a large glazed portico, watching her daughters waiting for their lunch whilst playing in the garden with their dogs.


Abimis solutions perfectly reflect the original concept for which they were conceived: a professional-grade product devised for domestic settings that is both functional and designer.

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