A company representation kitchen in Zurich

Edgar Fuchs GmbH, is one of the largest German companies that works on every aspect of “culinary projects”. From the design of catering systems of all kinds and sizes, to customized interior design, but also the manufacture and installation of the systems.


City: Zurigo
Location: Edgar Fuchs GmbH
Kitchen Line: Atelier

Some years ago, Edgar Fuchs decided to open a new representation site near Zurich (Edgard Fuchs Swiss GmbH), designed based on the new concepts of the so-called “agile company”, i.e. with a great focus on the quality of work and the physical but also mental wellbeing of its employees. So, when it built an internal company kitchen/bar it was looking for the very best.

Not only so as to offer its personnel the chance to relax and socialise in a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment but also because this space is a real business card for Edgar Fuchs as all the customers visiting the company are welcomed into there.

The Abimis Professional Atelier line

The branch manager of the German brand contacted Abimis to create the small but super-equipped company kitchen.

A space for company coffee breaks and a welcoming and functional place for quick lunches. But also a small “medal” to show off during official visits.

The kitchen chosen for the Swiss Edgar Fuchssite belongs to the Abimis Professional Atelier collection. It is a line of kitchens designed for professional use, which therefore offer the same performance levels as kitchens for catering, but especially designed for representation purposes. A line of company kitchens that perfectly responds to the requirements of the highest quality brands, with its extremely refined design, very high performance levels and infinite possibilities for customisation.

A small made-to-measure kitchen

Given the reduced space available, a small kitchen has been designed to fit the back wall, completely made of stainless steel with a brushed finish. A solution which, as well as illuminating the environment, also contributes to making it seem bigger and lighter.

For more storage space, this small company kitchen has been equipped with a row of wall cupboards: a practical solution but quite unusual for Abimis kitchens..

But, perfectly consistent with the Abimis philosophy is the idea of designing and building it to the centimetre with utmost attention to detail.

The doors of the structure and the wall-mounted cupboards do not have any handles but more modern and minimalistic “groove” openings. The top, which has a sink but no hob, has been integrated into the structure without any visible joins.

A steel back protects the wall and incorporates the grips for the coffee machine and kettle. A series of built-in refrigerated containers complete the composition. All in all, it is a true company kitchen, made to measure, tailored completely to the customer’s requests and needs.

Opting for an Abimis Professional Atelier kitchen is certainly the most appropriate choice for a brand like Edgar Fuchs which states on its website: “We can develop culinary concepts that change the market”…


Abimis solutions perfectly reflect the original concept for which they were conceived: a professional-grade product devised for domestic settings that is both functional and designer.

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